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Amp for Vsonic Gr07 Mkii

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Hi all,

This is my first post on Head-Fi after months of looking though forums, I decided to make an account. Anyways,enough blabbing,onto the question.

I'm interested in the Vsonic GR07 MkIi, but it seems to be a high impedance iem. Does it need an amp? And I so, which one? I've heard good things about the Fiio e6,but I'm not sure if it has enough juice to power the GR07's.

I'm would appreciate any feedback biggrin.gif

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Welcome to head-fi, sorry about your wallet...


One of the Amp forums is probably a better place to ask this question.


The impedance for the GR07 is only 50 ohms, so although a bit high for an IEM, it's not high compared to many full-size cans.  And with 105 dB for efficiency, I would think just about any portable amp (including the Fiio E6) has enough juice.


"Need" is an interesting term when it comes to IEMs.  Do you feel the volume is lacking?  Is the sound thin?  Would this be for portable of desktop use?

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Thanks for replying Billy biggrin.gif

I'm planning to use the Gr07's with an iPod touch and an iPad.

I heard its a pretty neutral iem so I thought an amp would add more to the low end.I listen to a lot of dubstep. Would the E6 satisfy my needs? I'm looking for clear tight bass with clear mids and sparkling highs, not skullcandy-like bloated bass.biggrin.gif

Also,do I have to move this thread to the amps forum? Sorry imma N00b rolleyes.gif

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well i have the first version of the gr07, but i find it to drive well from my phone and ipod etc, there's a difference when i use my O2/ODAC combo but not huge


anyway i also listen to dubstep with them and i found when using longer tips with deeper insertion provide satisfactory bass levels for me 


Hope it helped :)

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I think that in your case you could see a couple of benefits from using an amp.  Using a line-out-dock that bypasses the ipod's internal amplifier can certainly help to clean-up the sound - at least it did for me from my old ipod video.  Dub-step is certainly bass-heavy, and I suspect an amp with some bass-boost might be to your liking.  I would probably try a Fiio E6 and a Fiio LOD (eg the Fiio L3, but there are several different styles).  For ~$30-$35 total you can see if you like it without spending a ton of money.


PS:  Be careful of fakes of the E6 sold on eBay & Amazon.  Buy from an authorized dealer, for example http://www.miccastore.com/  (I have no affiliation with either Fiio or Micca)

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Thanks for the input biggrin.gif Can't wait to order the iem,amp and lod. wink.gif

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