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For Trade:
Want to Trade one of my vinyl systems and maverick d1 dac(rega p2, goldring 2500, brenn1 record clamp, MoFi stylus force gauge, fancy record mat) for a **balanced** output DAC(doesnt have to be fancy)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

This is a great way for a vinyl virgin to get into analogue.



I need a DAC that has balanced outputs, 24 bit capable, couple digital inputs....  you know


it HAS to be balanced outputs and HAS to have a headphone amp with volume control.



other than that, im not picky. dont care how it looks, name brand, whatever,..



holler.  id prefer a 1 to 1 trade.  the total value of the rega and maverick d1 package is probably....5-600 bucks?


but as long as I get a decent dac, im not picky