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For Sale: Musiland Monitor 02 US - DAC/AMP

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For Sale:
Musiland Monitor 02 US - DAC/AMP

Will Ship To: Anywhere

For sale is my Musiland Monitor 02


I have rarely used it.  It is in excellent condition.  I have everything for it including the original box it came in.


Great sounding entry level dac/amp combo.  (Windows only drivers).



Looking for $65 + shipping.  Would consider trade for iPod Classic.



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bumpity bump


Give me an offer!

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Agh, sorry, I sent you a half reply in my pm accidentally, then ended up deleting the message entirely. Again, I'm new T.T'. Then of course it says I've reached my daily allowance of pm's. Well anyway, to finish what I was saying, ill be using it to drive a pair of sennhieser hd 598's biggrin.gif. Although I'm not 100% sure on this what form of payment would you prefer? And I can give you about 60 bucks for everything because that's literally all I have to spend at the moment. -___- . Tell me what you think biggrin.gif.

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It still denies me access to sending you any more private messages T.T', sorry about that. 


I do have a few questions about it before im ready to commit, as really, I'm no exert on sound quality, or external DACs, infact its my first time using one, as i usually stick to entry level internal sound cards/ onboard audio. 


In terms of sound quality how would it compare to something like an asus xonar DX, or the Omega HT Striker? As they're sort of the closest thing in terms of cost to this that are internal sound cards. 


I'll be using it mainly to drive my headphones, with about 90% of the use going towards music and 10% other/gaming. 


And for the sake of all this, im going to assume its in good quality :D.


Thanks, Mushy

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PM sent

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Hello again, Dave,

sorry I have to post on here but it still won't let me send more than 2pm's a day, ill have to look into this.

Ive looked at a couple more reviews and in certain this is what I want. My only concern at this point is that Im also looking at buying an HD 598 on head-fi aswell, after the purchase of these I'm looking at 63us exactly sitting in PayPal. I'm a student on a budget, my apologies, I'm looking to see if I can find a cheaper pair of
Them around. Is this okay with you as a price point? If its an absolute deal breaker I could muster up some cash by downgrading to a 558 or something cheaper. whadya think?

- littlemushy
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Hi there,


I definitely feel for you with your money situation, however this device has seriously been used less that 20 times.  It is practically brand new.    What headphones are you currently using?  In reading the headfonia review if it were me I would save a little more for headphones and get either the HD600 or HD650s.  I believe the most important increase in sound quality is from the headphones.  


If you want a package I could sell you my AKG 518LE to go with the Monitor and we could work somethingg out but the HD600 and HD650 are much better.


Let me know what you think.


Take care...Dave

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In the case that its like new I can see your already being fairly generous with this listing, Im curently using my bad quality, run of the mill headphones, which are pretty broken already, so im currently looking at multiple headphones on the fi and from the retailers, senhieser 600's, dt 770's, 880 maybe, sennhieser 598's, etc. I suppose i could always buy the monitor first and then rack up some more money to get some better cans. 


The offer is fairly tempting, but I dont think I wanna limit myself to the 518, I really want to go a bit beyond that in terms of sound quality, but thanks for the offer, Im tempted, but i think ill just go with what i mentioned above, so I really want to get the monitor first, then try and get some higher quality - in terms of sound - headphones. 70$ sounds perfect (73 I think it was?), Paypal I assume would be the preferred method? Ill need to know your details to send you the money. Sounds like a deal? 




As a side note, the dt 770's for their price point and sound quality sound like a really good choice, for me at least, I'm looking currently at the 250 ohm. What do you think, Or even better could you make a recomendation of headphones for me to buy with this specific monitor. For around the price of the 770's give or take 20 bucks. Thanks. 

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I will send you a pm with my paypal.  I hope you will be able to get into your PMs.


As for headphones I currently have the DT880 which sound nice.  the DT770s are closed back headphones so your soundstage (left to right) will sound alittle more closed.  It depends on the sound you want to get.  Do you like mids or do you like a V sound signature.  If you like V then go with a 250ohm Beyer either DT880 or DT770.  If you like Mids go with either a HD600 or HD650.  Unfortunately, Senheisser has put up their prices lately.  I know that at one time during a special offer had the HD600 for $260 new!  


If I were you depending on what sound signature you like I would go for these.  If you choose HD600 or HD650 hold out because they go on sale all the time here.


Take care.  I will send you a PM with my paypal.



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