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For Sale: Denon D7000

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For Sale:
Denon D7000

Will Ship To: USA

I can't believe I'm doing this, but I'm letting my baby go, because I'm just done with pleather/leather padded headphones. Once these are gone, I'm sticking to velour only.

These are in excellent condition, bought January 2012 from an authorized dealer.

I'm asking for $600 TOTAL FIRM. (includes the paypal fee and shipping). USA only. $585 if using paypal gift.

Those who know me, know how much this hurts me, so if no one takes them off my hand, I'm just as happy to keep them. I love them more than any headphone I've owned, and it's going to be very hard to find a velour padded replacement.

Sorry for the terrible pics.

PM me if interested.
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Great head-fier and headphone!! 

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pm sent~

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Is it not possible to mod the D7000s with velour pads?

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SALE PENDING to funky77

The time and money spent trying to find a velour alternative that won't mess with SQ would probably be a lot more than anyone would deem logical. Hell, there are people still trying to find a velour pads for the M50s that doesn't negatively impact sound, and the M50 has a size where pads are easily swapped.

Don't have faith in some freak occurrence where the first velour pad/mod for the D7000 would be perfect. I'm not going to mess with the pads. No one really has yet, and going to velour would undoubtedly change the SQ, which is something I would never want on the D7000.

I don't trust pad rolling. I've seen first hand how much pads can alter SQ.
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SOLD TO funky77
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