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What amp is best for Magnums?

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I love the tube sound that accompanies my magnums (version 4), anyway, would love to hear from some of you guys what you guys like to use with your magnums. Feel free to include the rest of your setup, I'm just mostly curious as to what amps you folks find best accompany the magnum sound. (hence it's location in this sub-forum)



Thanks, and cheers!

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I currently use with a pico amp with an ipod nano attached while on the go or an ALO amphora (uses the RWA corvina amp stage, sans tube portion) at my desk and I really like the sound from both. Although I think the pico is slightly more prone to sibilance over the Amphora.


I got a Burson soloist last night and it sounds good from there, too. but it's too early for me to say if it's an improvement over the amphora.


I haven't heard the magnum with any tube gear (sold my few tube amps before I got the magnum) but I do have a used Lyr coming my way this week (got it to test with orthos) so that might be interesting.


Oh, but more important than the amp, I love the magnums with flat pads on them. That makes a very noticeable difference and, imo, improves the sound over bowls. it's richer in the mids - but not too thick - with better sounding bass impact and less shrill treble.

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I've found that the tube grittiness complements the overall clean sounding magnum, quite well in fact. I really do prefer bowls though. Both in sound presentation (much more forward to my years), their look and even comfortability. But then again, that's just me!

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