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Anyone found a super-quiet internal Blu-Ray drive?

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Well the title about sums it up.  Currently have just a DVD drive in my PC workstation/entertainment center/juke box and it definitely makes a high-pitched whirring sound when playing a DVD.   Not super loud mind you, but just noticeable enough to be slightly annoying.  Since I built my PC to be as quiet as possible, the drive's spin might not even be noticeable on a PC with noisy fans. So anywaze, if any other quiet computer builders have any recommendations for an internal Blu-Ray drive please share.  A bonus would be if it is considered extra-acurate for ripping CDs.

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I found that it is somewhat dependent on the case or how it was installed. My current dvd burners made almost no noise in my previous case which it fit poorly into and was only supported the screws and there was a good 1/8-1/4in gap on the side of it visible from the outside of the case. My current case using the same dvd burner makes a LOT of noise and has a nice snug fit in the case, or from having the screws in it a bit tight from what I recall.


I would unscrew the dvd drive and test it while it's not screwed into the case and resting on a mouse pad (it should dampen the vibration compared to a desk) and than pop in a cd or something to see if the noise your hearing is the vibration of the dvd drive. If so you can work from there.


As for dampening the noise of it if it is the problem, I do a quick google search on how people dampen the vibration of this (though I never heard of anyone doing it before, as well as HD's and fans). That should give you a good idea of what is realistically doable.

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I use

I must say, I was  impressed by its quietness. I have both a DVD burner and that blu-ray and I started using the blu-ray exclusively since it was way more quite.


I cannot comment on ripping for I have not done a whole lot of it on that particular drive.

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Thanks for the replies!  My computer case is one by Antec specifically designed to be quiet.  The Hard Drives are suspended by elastic bands and so do not touch the case at all - and as a result are completely silent.  Meanwhile the 5 inch drive bays are just pretty much standard quick change variety.  So thanks for the advice Boomhaur about adding some damping to lessen it's contact with the Case.  I do have foam rubber above it to absorb some sound but I think minimizing it's contact with the case would definitely be an improvement.  I don't know why Antec didn't think of that either.   I've had this case and same DVD drive for 4 years now and it is only recently that I am noticing the whirring, so it may also be getting noisier with age.  So a new drive that also supports Blu-Ray is probably still in the works and to be combined with better isolation from the case as well.  Thanks for the suggestion in that regard Deathzero34!

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