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HELP! My IEM acting weird.

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I just come across a weird problem with my Vsonic GR07 today.

I have the IEM for almost a year. I listened to it with no problem till today.

The IEM doesn't respond like it supposed to. When I plug it to my Cowon i10 or my laptop, the sound is muffed almost every frequency, except a small range in the mid, where just some frequency in the song get through with no problem, some freq sound echoed. Sound like a really bad EQ, 

I thought of the possible driver damage  or cable damage and try to move the plug a bit, I found out that if I loosely plug it in to the jack, with about 2-3mm left outside , it sound like it normally do, just a little bit quiet.

I tried moving the cords but the sound didn't change so I don't think it's a cable problem. 

I suspect the problem is my plug. Is it really my plug making it weird? How can I fix it? I hope I can repaired it somehow.


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You could contact member Soundstige

He repairs em.

Shoot him a PM.

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Thanks but anyway that I can fix it without sending it? 

Unfortunately it act up on the day I go out of USA.

It will be long before I come back  I hope I can fix it myself. 

The IEM really know to choose the time to act up :(

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If you have time hit up a local sears, I know my local one carried JVC ha fx101, JVC riptides, and I think I saw JVC marshmellows. All of which are pretty cheap and will give you a decent sound to get you through for now.


From my experience target and the other chain stores I check out are usually lacking on good budget IEMs. This is of course if you don't have a backup and want one.

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Any idea why my IEM like this?

I am just a college student and the GR07 cost alot.

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Take them to your local electronics repair shop or even a computer repair shop and have them check the wiring. It sounds like you need to have the jack replaced. They will be happy to help you - it's a very easy operation if you know how and probably the easiest thing they'll have to do all day.

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Originally Posted by nkdi2211 View Post

Any idea why my IEM like this?

I am just a college student and the GR07 cost alot.

have you tried it with any other DAP? perhaps your laptop?


Sounds like the wire termination has gone bad, might need a new plug. I'd contact V-sonic if possible first before taking it for repair. If that is the issue, re-terminating the wire is a pretty cheap and easy fix, all you'd need is the parts.

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Yeah, I tried with every other device I had, Laptop, DAP, Amp.... still the same result.

I may need to find where to buy the parts and where to fix it. Long time haven't been back to Vietnam.

I don't know If I should buy another IEM, it brake too fast for my wallet T_T.

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Than start putting it in an IEM case or buy a cell phone holder to specifically put your IEM's in, if you think you won't carry the case get one to clip on your belt or pants (with a solid clip thats hard to remove) and carry it that way. Or you can just start buying some good cheap IEM's which are more disposable.

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