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electronic music...best headphones?!

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Hello guys,

First time post on this forum. I have been beating my head trying to decide what headphones I want but I am unable to come to a clear and outstanding answer. I was hoping the more experienced listeners here might be able to point me in the right direction. I am aware that this must have been asked a million times already but the answers are always so varied in opinion and the various cases of the people asking the questions are usually different.


I listen to only electronic music, specifically this genre called house and deep house. No trance and dubstep etc... Most of the music in my collection consists of stronger bass, mid bass and mid and less highs. The highs are just there to sort of complete the track and are not too pronounced and that is how I like it.


Here are a few examples of what I listen to :


this covers the bass, mid bass and mid. Highs and vocals in here as well.



Here is another one (more mid and bass oriented)




The reason that I am upgrading is basically for the overall quality of the sound. I am upgrading from a regular in ear bose phones and want to spend up to $600-$650 with a headphone amp.


As I said, I would like a pair that can reproduce clearly the bass and mid without crossing over. Meaning, the bass should stay bass and mid should stay mid. Something that can reproduce the 'texture' of the bass as opposed to just a characterless boom boom boom. Something with balanced sound without sacrificing the energy and 'fun' of the music.

I was looking into the following. (Please keep in mind that the following is an opinion I have formed reading various reviews from multiple sources)


Sennheiser HD 650: This pair has insanely good reviews for my price range. Overall sound quality seems to be excellent but it seems to be lacking in the bass/punch side of things.


Denon AH-D2000: I read that it has excellent bass and excellent highs. Covers the fun factor that I am looking for seems to be lacking in the mid area.


Ultrasone Pro-900: I read that the bass reproduction on these are better than on the Denons but once again, it sacrifices the mid, although they are better than the Denons, or so I read.



So, what do you guys suggest I should look into? Please help me spend my money on the right product for me. I hope you guys are able to help.

Thanks in advance :)

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I would recommend the Ultrasone pro 900, i had a pair, and listen to alot of sold school house and trance, they sounded fantastic, I had no issue what so ever with the mids, i prefer them to the denon, the sennheisers are out of the question in my opinion for you.

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The pro 900 have very bright highs though so dont forget that.
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I suppose the 900s are bright, but I wouldn't worry about them being harsh.

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Originally Posted by Prakhar View Post

The pro 900 have very bright highs though so dont forget that.


They are not as bright after the 100+ hours. 

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Plus, I heard that if you Kees mod them, it tames the treble a bit making it more palatable. 



Originally Posted by rustablad View Post

I suppose the 900s are bright, but I wouldn't worry about them being harsh.

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At least that's a very easy mod to do, never tried it though.

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99% of the time I listen to electronic music, and almost all genres. I would strongly recommend denon D7000's if you can find a pair. I had the Pro 900 and honestly thought they weren't good at all, with any genre for that matter. D7000's, although a bit more money of course, is significantly better than the Pro 900 in any and every listening definition: bass, vocals, clarity, balance, etc. I'm not trying to bash the Pro 900 maybe they do work for some people but if you can afford it get something like the denons. I also like the LCD 2 because the bass is unbeatable, but the denons are still my go-to headphone for electronic, especially deep house. 

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why not go with the "usual" m50/tma1/ or anything around its model instead of spending 500+usd on a headphone and an amp? and hd650 is definitely out of your list--- for me, i dont find it sound good in your genre. it fits your sound preference though!


the m50 has more upfront midrange than a d2000 as well. ymmv

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I like the Beyer DT-770's. The 250 ohm is all I've heard but they were excellent with electronic. The 80 ohm is supposed to be more bass heavy. 


Then I'd recommend Denon D-5000's and 7000s if your budget allows. They do everything the Beyers do well better ... and more. Putting my D5000's on for the first time was a 'close my eyes and smile for an hour' experience.

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Add Mad Dogs and HE-400 to your checklist. And O2 as amp. You will find countless opinions so I guess I won't bother explaining them further. If you can, order several headphones at the same time with return rights, only you can decide.

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Guys, thank you all, so very much for the replies. I am glad I started this thread and receiving all this advice and feedback.

Audeze LCD-2: One of you has mentioned this. I did do my research on this product and many have said that this is one of the best headphones money can buy. I was very impressed with what people had to say about these. And as much as I would like to get these, my monetary limitations won't allow for such a purchase.

Ultrasone Pro 900: One of you has mentioned that the highs on this pair of cans are bright. That is one thing I am trying to avoid. But you also mention that after burn in, this usually settles down. How much does it settle down though? How much of difference can I expect to hear as far as the highs are concerned?


Denon 2000/5000/7000: My budget won't allow for the purchase of 7000s but I might be able to get my hands on the 5000s. But how different is the sound quality between the 2000 and 5000? I read somewhere that they are the same thing except a few minor changes. I don't know how true that is but maybe one of you can shed light on this.


A lot of you guys seem to be mentioning the Denons and some of you prefer the Ultrasone Pro 900s. I guess its going to be between these two brands. (Ultrasone Pro 900 vs. Denon 2000/5000)


If you guys can share more details regarding the above two cans, I would really appreciate it. Any other positives and negatives from your listening experience would help me make the informed decision.

Thank you for all your feedback once again guys.


Cheers :)

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I did an electronic music review of the pro 900s.
I would strongly recommend them.

The burn in is substantial. The highs are anything but unpleasant now. They fit perfectly with the mids (the mids aren't recessed at all btw) and the bass is its own thing. I can't really describe how the bass sounds. Its huge, but small and deep but precise.
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