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Hey guys, 


Recently got a pair of W4 but my dad decided he should have them, so back to shopping for me. 


Musical Genre: All rounder, I listen to a bit of everything. Would love to have a fun IEM that is the smoothness of the W4 with a bit more bass.

Source: International SGS 3 w PowerAmp

Plan to use: On the go, public transport, walking around.

Current IEM: Shure SE 315

Purchase location: Either locally in Hong Kong or the online dealer must be willing to ship here. Just a note on HK pricing - Everything is pretty much as close to MSRP as it gets, I would love if someone who is familiar with buying audio equipment locally could share better places to shop!


Tried the following models based on what I read in the 2XX iem review thread, would appreciate additional suggestions as well:


Final Audio Heaven S - I thought these sounded like a heavily upgraded version of my SE 315, mid is buttery smooth but the treble sounds a bit too harsh for my liking. Separation was great especially when listening to instrumental pieces. Did I mention they look freaking amazing? This is the only earphone on this list where I am unsure of how long they were burned in before I tried them. I might go back and try them again some time this week when I am armed with new recommendations to try. 


Local Pricing - $2780 HKD ($356 USD), I actually don't remember the exact pricing as it's been well over a month since I tried these.


Monster Turbine Pro Gold - The bass was way too powerful for my liking, took them off right away.


Monster Turbine Pro Copper - The bass is actually not sufficient (could have been a fitting issue now that I think about it), but I liked the way the trebles sounded. Will try these again next time.


Local Pricing - $3280 HKD ($420 USD)


Monster Turbine Miles Davis Trumpet - I actually liked the way these sounded, the bass was the right amount and it wasn't bloated nor did it bleed into the mids. The mids and trebles were crisp, but didn't sound as refined as the ones on the Westone 4 that I originally had.


Local Pricing - $2980 HKD ($382 USD). 


Westone UM3X - I thought these sounded too dark for my liking. They also sound really flat, which is the sound signature I'm trying to depart from.


Westone 4 - I love how smooth the sound signature is and actually already got these. As stated above, I didn't get to keep them for very long :( The one complaint I had was that I wish there was a bit more bass. This is definitely a decent fail safe, but it feels pretty demoralizing to buy the same IEM again when I have the chance to try something new.


Local Pricing - $3480 ($446 USD)


Thanks as always!

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