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Is this a good start?

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Just ordered 4 items to start off my head-fi experience

1. Sennheiser HD 598
2. SanDisk Clip+
3. FIIO E6
4. Audio Technica ATH - M50 LE Silver

I am hoping this will be a good start. What do you guys/gals think?

PS, I know I may not have needed the E6 for the 2 headphones but I had a $50 gift card and the clip+ only cost $30 so I figured I'd get the amp to finish off the card for an extra 20 bucks while I was at it. Maybe I'll get higher resistance phones later and need the amp.

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Well the amp won't be running a pair of hd800...
And that's a much better start than I had.
My start was a pair of xb500 and an e5 from an ipod touch (which wasn't even mine, it was my father's).
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I was going to post about the E6 but I'd get it for 20 bucks too.


Looks like a good kit. Be careful about getting multiple headphones. You'll end up as a headphone tragic like the rest of us...

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