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Auvio HF202 a.k.a. Beats By RadioShack (Pioneer)

Poll Results: I will be spending my next forty dollars on

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    Auvio HF202 (Concert Class v.2)
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    More Altoids
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    An eighth.
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This is the first time I heard about these headphones. He talks about them after showing the 'Retro' Auvio's


I got the first pair off Craigslist for $25

Needless to say I had to get two more to use and have laying around the house without fear of my nephew grabbing my Beyerdynamics DT770 80ohm and breaking them.

As they are made of the cheapest cancer inducing plastics. Like most headphones.

They have a pretty flat sound, and since they are 32ohm they are perfect for the average portable device/Altoids Tin

They are 50mm so i decided to plug them into my audio interface.

When I plugged these into the M-Audio ProFire 610 interface they sounded pretty decent.

The manual claims they have a frequency response of 20Hz-20kHz but amped they sound more like 18Hz-25kHz

The cord is somewhat thick about 2cm. website claims it has a 4ft. cord but really it's 7ft.

People are claiming around the internet they break but so far I have not seen any evidence in any of the pair I own.

I imagine people are confusing them with the older version also by the same name of "Concert Class Stereo Headphones"

I'm not claiming they are the Holy Grail of 'under $40 dollar headphones' but they sound like Beats By Dre minus the cheap built in bass amp.

I called the Auvio's one eight hundred number and the operator was claiming they were 50mm Pioneer Drivers!?.

I do not suggest you try to drill holes into them as they are closed type and lose all bass when you try to open their sound stage.

Either that or I just FAILED. I ended up plugging the holes I made with paper. smh.

Here is the PDF link to the manual which includes more pictures.


One thing to note is that when you go through the manual especially the PDF version which you can zoom into.

You will notice that there is a diagram of a Pioneer SX-218 receiver....



They fit inside Beats By Dre Box/Pouch


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Always neat to hear about "unknown" headphones - do you have anything else to compare them against? (Any of the other crowd favorites in this price range?). Any more pictures? smily_headphones1.gif
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Check my profile I just uploaded some Photos of the piece of manure headphones I've owned and sold a few years ago.

Including crowd favorites, Bose Triports. Which sound pretty good on iPods unAmped.

I even sold the VR6's for $60 after buying them NEW at the Oakland Flea Market years ago for $15. hahahahh They sounded horrible.

My ears hurt from the highs it produced. They sound like a Nike Logo. No mids all highs and some artificial bass.

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I know this is an old thread, but I just felt like sharing my thoughts on these headphones. 


I was definitely impressed when I first heard these. They were much better than a pair of Earpollutions I got for the same price. 


But in comparison to the Monoprice MHP-839 ($28), these sounded somewhat inferior. The highs sounded bloated in comparison. Bass was definitely not as powerful or tight. Mids were practically identical. Soundstage is basically zero on both as well. 


They definitely hold up against some other headphones in this price range, but, I wouldn't recommend them too much. They were the most uncomfortable headphones I'd ever worn. 

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This was an old review, but I do want to pop in and make my own remark about these wonderful headphones, after being a long-time owner of quite a few of them (cats are evil beings.)


I can say for sure that these sound a LOT better after proper break-in. there is a LOT of noticeable difference between my daily pair compared with a new out of the box pair, especially in the areas of mids and highs. the bass also backs down a bit to a very comfortable area after break-in and isn't so in-your-face. they're also a lot better once the pleather(? possibly) pads wear in a bit, the pair I have on now has the same pads I've had since 2011...? and they're only now starting to come to the point where they're soon going to need replacing because of cracking.


they are INDEED pioneer drivers, looking at the one inside one of my previous pairs. now that Radioshack is kaput save for a few stores here and there, you can bet there's people selling these on eBay now that all their closed stores went through liquidation.


word to the wise, headphone preamp is recommended but not necessarily needed. break-in will occur better with a pre-amp than none, I will give it that much.




if you are looking for a pair, and can score these for anywhere under $15 on a good day on the auction sites, do pick one up. the long cord by itself is really nice, and folding-action really helps for when I need to go on a trip to visit family or elsewhere for a long period of time... so long as the headphone jack on whatever I'm using then isn't sucky (or I remember to pack my Echo Indigo IO card....!)



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