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Im looking to put together a new portable rig and Im having problems narrowing down what i want to do.  Im pretty new to this so I was hoping for some advise on what to pair.  Im basically looking for a complete rig , minus cans, that i can put together for around $600.  My current set up is a zune touch with a fiio 7 amp.  Its a great step above what i had but Im looking fo more.  Portability is key since this rig is carried in a small messenger bag on the train.  I have been looking at red wine imods and a new amp but unsure wether thats the best bng for the buck or not.  Ive also been looking at other players such as the j3.  Ive just recently upgraded my musics format to mp3 (320) or Flac.  Im not a fan of itunes and would prefer to not have to use it.  Any onfo would be greatly appreciated.