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Cracking volume knob on iBasso D2 Viper. Fixable?

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Hi All, I've owned a iBasso D2 viper (with replaced opamp chip) for quite some time now. Since using it when connected to my Mac via USB it slowly developed a loud cracking/scratching sound when I change volume. It also continues to crackle lightly in the background. If i very gently adjust the volume i can try minimising the background noise. but its pretty annoying. I use it with Shure se530's so they obviously are quite susceptable  to that sort of static sound going on...


Anyway, to the point... I'm about to invest in a Schiit asgard (http://schiit.com/cart/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=0&products_id=1) (to finally use with my hd650's) and I wanted to use my little iBasso as the DAC. So instead of investing in a Music Streamer II or Schiit Bifrost. I'd like to try replacing whatever part is effecting the iBasso. Do you think there is is anyway to simply replace the volume knob from an electronics store?? I have a soldering iron, or would iBasso replace this sort of thing? (at my expense)


Cheers for any help


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First, unplug the amp.

Turn the volume to max then turn it back to minimum, repeat for a minutes or two.

Plug it back, enjoy.
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Just the pot getting old. For long term, replace to pot if you can.

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Cheers guys I'll try that trick with turning the volume to full but I think its the pot going. I might actually try cleaning it with some contact cleaner first. If fails then I'll have to try replacing it.

I'll pull it apart tomorrow and see if I can see the brand. If not ill email ibasso and see if they can provide the part detail. Assuming cleaning doesn't help...
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Ok I have opened the case - It only has marking of A50K. It has 6 pins so obviously a stereo pot. From what i researched it would be a Audio 50K Pot so is "long" which is a Audio taper pot?


It looks like it would be quite easy to remove but finding a replacement is the hard part. Also, it looks nearly completely sealed. Its a rectangular blue plastic pot but has two tiny holes. maybe if i first tried squirting some circuit cleaner in there?


I've attached photo's has anyone seen these pots before? 


Cheers for any help



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If you are using it as a DAC, shouldnt the volume pot affect it? unless the line out is a variable and not fixed or there is no line out?

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Yeah unfortunately its just a portable headphone amp so only has headphone jack input and output (+ usb input)

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