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I'll think about that and maybe try some of those things. But for now I'm just gonna enjoy them I think. As I said it already sounds better than anything I've tried before. Compare to pre-mods it's night and day. I'm not against spending the time but fore now I have another involving projet which is restoring  an old sony mixer from the eighties that need lots of love.


As for the stretch, I don't see how it could degrade the sound cause it's not the pads themselves that are stretched, but the flaps to hold them in place. If anything them being so thight can only help with sealing together both parts of the baffle. I can't post picture probably cause I'm a new member, but just 3 post up theres a pair with Brainwavs, I have the same fit. Anyways I'm not to concerned but I'd still like to try the shure pads. Not that I think that they'll sound better, but they don't look as warm, not as thick, maybe also visually less loud, more my style.

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Hi Guys (are there any girls?) small Update with wave guides. I made first casting and it suxx:) it was cure for 5 days and is still kind of flexible and has bubbles on corners. I will need to make some tunnels (in silicon mould) for air and add more hardener to resin. But beside that details are there. I'm in Dublin Ireland and I'm casting on my balcony because of smell and when it rain... And it does a lot... Then I cannot do that. Yesterday I've been in hospital. I cut my hand really badly working on my headphones (1,5cm deep, long cut) So expect small delay but I remember about you guys:) be careful with knives!also I think I became vegetarian again after that...
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I'm sorry you injured yourself! I hope you heal quickly.

This hobby can be dangerous.

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1.5 cm cut on your hand??? That must have been down to the bone... :eek:

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I cut thumb muscle. This sort of large cushion on hand. It might take a while to get properly cure. Bit annoying:(
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