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For Sale: Sony MDR-R10 [EU]

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For Sale:
Sony MDR-R10 [EU]

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Re-listing my Sony MDR-R10s. Complete in original briefcase with all accessories.  S/n 0457.


These were bought by MuppetFace who subsequently decided to focus on electrostatics and return them.  Price is exactly what I paid for them 3 years ago and I will not go below it, I'd rather keep them.


While she had them Muppetface replaced the earpads with the spare set.  I have also checked and lubricated the suspender mechanism.  In doing so I noticed some microscopic pits around the screws that secure the cups to the wishbones and those that hold the cover plates for the suspender rollers (see close-up photos).  I only mention this in the spirit of full disclosure, other than that this set is in fantastic cosmetic condition and acoustically perfect.


There are no chips, scratches or marks on the wood cups (close-ups added), no tears or nicks in the headarc cover, no dings to the metal, no slack in the wishbone hinges and the earpads are brand new as mentioned above.  This pair has the original cable (including 3.5mm adapter) and comes packed in the original leather briefcase (completely pristine), complete with manual, warranty slip and two keys.  This set is complete even down to the original cleaning tissues and "wiping cloth", unopened and unused.


For other photos please see the original listing.


I am based in Sweden and would prefer EU buyers but am happy to ship world-wide.  Buyer pays shipping, packaging and any fees.  Verified paypal or direct bank transfer only.


No low-ball offers or trades please.  This more than most is a proposition for the serious collector who knows what they are getting themselves into.

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For Sale: €2,800 (EURO)
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I would like to know if you are still selling the Sony MDR-R10 ?


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Hi Anthony,  Yes it is although I have received several questions and expressions of interest.

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Originally Posted by PierreQuiRoule View Post


I would like to know if you are still selling the Sony MDR-R10 ?



Sorry for your wallet, welcome to Head-Fi!

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Price drop back to what I paid for them 3 years ago.  Won't sell them for less.

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Why do the R10s always come up for sale at the most inopportune personal times angry_face.gif

A few months ago, I'd have grabbed these.

Anyway, good luck on your sale 

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Still there ?




This is the crisis.

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Shock and awe ...... drool...!

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Are these bass heavy or light?

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Originally Posted by ChrisB7605 View Post

Are these bass heavy or light?

I have only found the last batch (early 2000 production) to exhibit consistently heavier bass.  This pair is #457 so is from the third batch (1989) and are somewhere in the middle of the pairs I have auditioned.  Neither bass heavy nor bass light but somewhere in the middle. 

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Is the headphone still there?

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Yup, still here.  As soon as I agree a sale I will put a SALE PENDING on the listing.

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