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Can someone help me choose headphones?

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Hi, I just joined the site and I did so in order to find out what I should purchase...


What I'm looking for in a pair of headphones by priority is comfort. The most expensive headphones I have bought (which are over ear headphones) is the Steelseries Siberia v2, which are comfortable for 2-3 hours before they became extremely uncomfortable to wear. So with this next purchase, I want to make sure I end up with a comfortable on ear pair of headphones. Secondly, I want closed headphones, as I will be taking them out publicly, and I don't want the cable length to be long... 1-1.5M is probably the kind of length I'm looking for, as I will be using these with my iPod as well as on the laptop... they don't sit that far away from me, so a short cable length should be good ;)


So yeah, I've listed the following qualities so far:

Comfort (I can wear for more than 5 hours without feeling any clamping)

Closed (No leakage means no angry people on the train)

Short cable length (I don't want to trip over wires and have to bind additional cables with a rubber band)


Lastly, I want an overall good sound experience - I'm no audiophile, so what sounds mediocre to some audiophiles will probably sound amazing for me. I listen to pretty much any genre, though being honest, I mainly listen to rock.


Also, just to show that I haven't done any research myself, I've found some headphones I'm interested in and they are:

Sennheiser HD 215, 429, 439, 449

AKG K550


I'm most interested in the Sennheiser HD 449's though... The reviews I've found say they sound great with classical music, acoustic type music and particularly... rock is good :) But I'm not sure if they are comfortable or not. If anyone has these pair of headphones and would care to tell me their experiences with them, I'd greatly appreciate it. 


Anyway, I hope you guys have recommendations for me with all these requirements in mind... Plus, I am willing to spend up to £200, which I think is appropriate for what I'm looking for. So yeah, recommendations would be nice as well as your own opinions on the headsets I've listed down.


Thank you and hopefully, I'll come home from work tonight with some replies. Later!



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Whats your budget, what will you be using them for, and what music do you listen to?

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I'm willing to spend up to £200 and it will mainly be used when I travel around, so a pair of headphones that are closed for public use is something I'm looking for. Also I listen mainly to rock.
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HD25 or Audiotechnica ESW9.?


If you can stretch to £230 you could get the DT1350, which is probably the best answer.

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Sennheiser HD 449 is excellent, balanced headphones which handle multiple genres very well, they are very comfortable for long use, hope you dont have super large ears, also in very hot weather headphones that are closed and have pleather earpad tend to make your ears sweaty. if you are not used to audiophile sound then these will blow you away. the cable is also standard 4 feet long and block about 18 decibels. 

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