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se535 -> looking for a Bassy amp

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Hey there im new on here, just got my se535 and i really love bass my music is electronic/minimal/hiphop.

i'm looking for crispy/crunchy heavy bass so could any1 give me an advice which amp is the best for me? 



edit: atm im using an iphone 4s

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IMO, SE 535s are great, provided you're saving your tracks in a lossless format (i.e. use Apple Lossless or get the FLAC player) you can save your money.


If you are mental ;-) and accept the law of diminishing returns, I wouldn't bother with a separate Amp first, the difference to me is a few %.  I bought a Vorzuge Pure and realised exactly the same conclusion.


The best Audio/$ return is to go beyond the 535s and get some custom IEMs, then buy a better Amp so you get that incre(mental) advantage!

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Yeh you may not need an amp with the iphone. Just play your music through EQu app or something like that and turn the bass up. I've also got a fiio e17 and that has up to +10db bass boost but I haven't bothered using it with my iphone just my laptop. My se535s sound crap coming out of my laptop without the e17 but sound great from my iphone.


I can understand the need for more bass though and the 535s do respond well to a bass boost and won't sound bloated.

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thx ill try EQu  ;)

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i have the se530's and when listening via itunes or ipod/iphone make sure to select "electronic" setting. It boosts the bass and high and vastly improves the sound of mine. I'm sure the se535's are similar sounding

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I think the bass from the 535ltd with upgraded cables is quite good. I have once heard it through a GoVibe Porta Tube Amp and the bass was thunderous, but yeah it's $1000...

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