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Shure - Very Poor Customer Service in Hong Kong

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Just note for anyone buying Shure in Hong Kong.  Caveat Emptor!


I have some old SE500s that I've really enjoyed over the years, problem is the rubber cable cushion has come away from the body.  The 'phones themselves work fine, but obviously the cables are going to fail.


I contacted Shure Hong Kong - their response "buy some new ones"   Oh.


Shure US were a little more helpful - I could return them, pay US$80 and they will make an assessment of them. Oh.


I forgot to take my '500s on a flight, so perhaps rashly, I bought a new set of SE535s about 2 months ago.  My initial thoughts were favourable - they sound better than the '500s so I was quite pleased (even though the 'Duty Free' price is higher than in town and I'm always telling people to never buy anything at CLK!).


My initial problem was an intermittent cutting of the sound to the left driver.  I thought I'd fixed it by removing and replacing the cable (clearly Shure have learned from the '500 fault).  But after a few more flights the left driver is significantly quieter than the right.


I took the almost new units back to the Shure repair agent in Kowloon - I didn't have the paperwork, I don't actually know where it is. I was expecting to have a discussion about having to pay for any repair since I didn't have the warranty card or receipt, I was hoping to be able to leave then 'phones with them and bring the paperwork back when they were ready (or pay) - but I didn't even get that far.  


They flatly refused to help me at all without any paperwork.


So, even during or beyond the warranty period, if you don't have a receipt, Shure in Hong Kong will not support your purchase.


I now have to find the paperwork or, I guess, send the 535s and US$80 to Shure US - for practically brand new items that were made badly in the first place.


Very unhappy!

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Sorry to hear about your misfortune. I won't buy anything Shure branded. I've had similar problems with a pair of faulty SHR750DJ which I didn't even get to use, they arrived broken in the sealed box. Once was enough for me to never buy from them again. With the number of brands out there now that offer supreme warranty service Shure are the last name I look at in a headphone.
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I guess it depends on who you contact (luck of the draw).  I had the SE420s.  They were just under the two year mark when the rubber around the cables started tearing (like the OP says - a common complaint for that older 'family' of IEMs).


I did actually try Shure Asia - and they were definitely unhelpful.  My brother had bought the IEMs when he was in the UK - so I had an emailed copy of the receipt (a high res scan) - but the person I dealt with at Shure Asia said I had to have the original - or no dice.  Someone suggested I try the NZ agent, so I rang them.  Most fantastic service from that point on.  Copy of receipt was fine - they paid postage to and from, and replaced the 420s with 425s at no additional charge.


The 425s were absolutely perfect while I had them.  I now have SE535 Ltd Ed - and I have no doubts that if ever I have any issues, I'll get the same high level of service from the NZ agent - which is why I bought in confidence.


But I wouldn't bother with Shure Asia again.  They were terrible.


As always YMMV.


EDIT - BTW ..... OP - I notice you mentioned with the SE500s you mentioned "over the years" - I take it they were outside the warranty period?

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Sounds like you ran into the problem that plagued the se215's with a faulty batch of connectors.  You could always get the 500's reshelled into customs.



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Hmmm. I like the product, but I'd expect more help if they go wrong - especially new one!

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Yes, I guess so (assuming 1 year Warranty) I can't remember when I bought them, must be several years ago.  My point is, they weren't cheap then, so I'd at least expect the option of paying to have them repaired - the speakers themselves still work fine, it's just a matter of time before the wires break

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I bought some Ear-Fit MH334 IEMs that are excellent so the Shure items are a bit redundant now, flawed or otherwise!

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Shure is great for those in the states. Foreign distributors are just that and set their own policies. I'm not aware of the IEM that doesn't have a an issue now and then. It's unfortunate when you're the fellow with the problem but some proof of purchase is not asking too much. They don't repair 535s, If broken, you simply replace the offending ear unit or cable. I don't think there would be any reason to leave it. Still sounds like your distributor was not at all helpful or explanatory and basically acted like ass hats.

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I haven't buy any Shure in HK either. The main reason is I don't like it's sound signature. But I have also heard so many bad comments about their CS in HK that hesitate me from buying them.

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I do believe Shure HK is a division of Shure, not just a distributor. Talking about distributor - my experience with Shure Singapore distributor is less than 100% as well, good thing the retailers are usually very helpful on sorting things out for me.
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Really such a pity that they cannot even attempt to identify your item and provide repair with charge.  What makes this more concerning is that Shure US is able to do something that Shure HK plainly refused.  I thought there should be consistency in repair policies?


Anyways keep us updated about your repair progress.  I'm from HK as well and your experience will be in the back of my mind shall I be purchasing anymore Shure items in the future(I sold my SE215 yesterday).

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Originally Posted by ClieOS View Post

I do believe Shure HK is a division of Shure, not just a distributor. Talking about distributor - my experience with Shure Singapore distributor is less than 100% as well, good thing the retailers are usually very helpful on sorting things out for me.

Thanks again. Your experience is invaluable. Disappointing that their service isn't consistent worldwide as it seems things weren't explained very well or the contact was just not helpful at all but not having a purchase receipt is not Shure's fault. I've seen them accommodate that in the US but I suspect it's case by case. They never repair IEMs. It's exchange of broken parts or the entire device, at least in the states so I didn't really understand leaving them there for repair part. Bringing them back with a receipt or leaving them there should make no difference.

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Update on my Shure experience....


I found the receipt and they took them in.  A week later they were ready and I went to get them. They'd replaced the cable and the left unit.  The former for the intermittent cutting out, the latter for the low volume.  I didn't have the rubbers so could only test them at home - still wrong, the left remained far quieter than the right.  I checked my Fit Ear MH334s and my old SE500s to make sure it wasn't my ears!  They were fine, so back we went... 


I got then back again 2 days later, this time with two new units on that fresh cable - all fine!  


So, to be fair, make erm, Shure, you keep your receipt and they are OK.  Lose it and you're boggered!

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If you are not happy with Shure Hong Kong, you'd be furious with Shure Thailand.
I bought SE 535 in Hong Kong 3 month ago, one channel went silent weeks later when I was back in Thailand. Guess what - Thai distributor says headphones bought in HK, from authorized dealer of course, are not covred under warranty in Thailand. Thai dealer tells me today Shure only has some kind of regional warranty, and I should go back to Hong Kong to deal with my failed ear phones.

I had SE 530 cable fail few years back, the common problem of cable insulation simply deteriorating for no reason, they didn't cover that in Europe, I sort of undrstand that, even tho the 530 cable clearly useses sub par rubber insulation and it just falls apart.

But now 3 months old SE 535 with no warranty at all outside Hong Kong? Headphones are the most portable thing that people use while travel, so they decide to not offer world wide warranty.
For sucha large company as Shure I didn't expect that. Unreal!
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