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What would Iron Man Do?

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So I hear these balanced armature (BA) headphones are pretty freakin sweet.  Is there an entry level pair that doesn't cost $300?


I adore the Klipsch x10i headphones, but I just don't have $200-300 to spend on them right now, anyone else know any BA alternatives?

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The Shures are BA. (SE315 and above)
The Etymotics are BA (hf5 and above)
The UE Triple Fi is a pretty popular BA for $170 ish


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MEElectronics A151 – $52 via Amazon

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Originally Posted by TK277 View Post

MEElectronics A151 – $52 via Amazon

The A151 are also 45% off @ meelec with coupon code A151_JULY until July 16..


There's also the Astrotec AM-90 from ebay for $41 shipped from either of the 2 sellers below.


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The Etymotic HF(2,3,5) is pretty darn good. It costs about $110-$150

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