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Stax SR-009 help

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Hello Everyone,


I have been using Stax SR-009 - Woo Audio Wes Combo for year  at least. Suddenly, I started to have a problem with my system.

I use either XLR  or RCA connection, no sound coming out of the Stax, only noise coming out or the right channel.

I am not sure if it is a problem with WES or Stax.

Does any of you guys who lives in Los Angeles area has Stax amp and headphones?

Any recommendation where I can check my system locally in Los Angeles,

I live in West Hollywood.

Thanks in advance.

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Sounds like something has blown in the amp.  The headphones would always make some sound even if the diaphragm was in tiny little pieces. 


There are a lot of Stax owners in your area and I'm sure they'll chime in once they wake up. 

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Thanks a lot for your reply, hopefully someone will break the silence.

If you say it might be an amp, then I have to find any electrostatic amp to try Stax with.

Thanks again.

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I'm sure it's the problem with your amp too.


Wachara C.

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Do you  have any idea where I find the place to check the system?

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The US importer for Stax are located in your are but try and PM n3rdling or blubliss as they might be able to help. 

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There will be several electrostatic amplifiers at the LA meet next month.

I live a good 70 miles from you (Redlands) and would be happy to let you listen with mine, but wont be able to for 2 weeks.

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I would appreciate that.
It would not be any problem for me to wait for several weeks.
Then I can bring my system to share my listening my experience with you.
Let me know at innalnvy@yahoo.com
Thanks a lot
P.S. Could you tell me where the LA meeting will be and when?

Thanks again.

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Since it is the Help area:


Can the 009 be driven from the speaker taps a 125WPC SS or tube amp? (Of course, with the correct cable alterations.) Thank you for your consideration.

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Without a transformer and a bias supply?  Then no... not a chance. 

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Thank you. My confusion regarding this 'phone is that I powered Magnepans with Pass 600 monos and thought the Stax phones were the same technology.
Appreciate the education.
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All Stax headphones are electrostatics so they need high voltage to polarize the diaphragm and high voltage music signal to drive it.  You can use something like a SRD-7 Mk2 to drive the headphones from a speaker amp.  Stay far away from the Woo Audio WEE unless you want to burn up your amps. 

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Spritzer, thank you for the advice about the SRD-7 Mk2. A couple of questions, if you don't mind:


1. Are these units currently available?

2. In your opinion, is the SQ compromised?


Best regards.

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