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These are the first set of studio headphones i have ever bought, but although i think they are pretty solid headphones i have to admit, i am struggling to adjust to them.
I have only ever used krk monitors, but due to lack of use (becoming a dad) i sold them, and thought that a decent pair of headphones would suffice for the odd times i do a bit of writing & recording, so krk was the obvious choice.


Although i have picked up again with it all :-/


I have to say, these are super comfy, after a few minutes you feel like you don't even have them on!
The overall sound is genuinely impressive, i can pick out every fine little detail (and being the geek i am, i like to add lots of faint little details in the background) so for that, these are perfect.


The one downside is bass. I am a real stickler for it, and spend a lot of time on bass lines. But going from a pair of 8'' woofers to these is a little underwhelming (which is to be expected) but i am just really struggling to adjust.

Listening back to basslines i have made with monitors through the headphones, sometimes almost sound non-existant, especially in a full mix, but i know there is a super solid bass line there.

I will say i think this is just me though, and in time i will learn how sounds translate from headphones to real world.
Hope this doesn't come across as a bad review as the phones are far from bad, just tried to be honest.


BTW - I don't make bass heavy music, it just seems the low frequencies don't translate.

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Great review. I'm new to Head-Fi, but have been lurking for some time. My old HD280 Pro's cord was recently chewed by one of my cats, so some new headphones were in order. After extensive reading of reviews including yours and tdockweiler's, I tried several pairs at Guitar Center including the KNS-6400, KNS-8400, SRH440, and ATH-M50.


I didn't really like the Audio Technicas, as they had a bit too punchy bass for me and they sounded artificial somehow. Both the KRK pairs sounded good, but I couldn't resist the comfort and better sounding (to me) KNS-8400's. I also liked the Shures, though they seem to have a bit less flat frequency response than the KRKs with a bit more bass. They also aren't as comfortable for me as the inside of the headphone touches my ear.


I ended up getting the KNS-8400s (price matched at $118) and ordered a "Like New" pair of the SRH440s on Amazon for $66. I prefer the KRKs and my wife likes the Shures, so it's been great so far. I also ordered a pair of Koss Pro DJ 100s on Amazon for $40, which I couldn't resist. To me, these make everything sound live, and sound especially good with instrumental metal, such as Animals as Leaders.


Thanks for all the help and guidance, guys. It's great to be contributing to the forums.

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What yall mean by can? Im new here
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