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Amperior vs P5

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Hi all


After extensive research and testing the P5s the other day, I've narrowed my portable headphone choice down to these two.


I want:

  • Sound quality
  • Comfort
  • Build quality


I mostly listen to (in order of frequent to infrequent):

  • Electronic/dance music
  • Rock music
  • Pop
  • Classical


Which headphones do you think will be best? I haven't been able to test the Amperior. I understand the sound is something special, but comfort and build quality less so. I am OK with the relaxed and heavy mids of the P5s as that fits the music I listen to most. However, I don't want to overpay for headphones when fundamentally their job is to deliver sound.


What are your thoughts?



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Going with the Amperiors ;)

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Why did you choose the Sennheisers? I, too, have faced this decision. I have until 9 tonight to return the B&Ws. I don't really want to spend more coin but might do it. I'm sure the Amperiors will sound better, but how much better? The B&Ws may be a little warm-sounding but they still sound great over all other headphones in the same price range -- with the exception of the Amperiors??


Another factor for me: I like the intangibles of the B&W. The P5s fold flat, come in a nice quilted carrying case that's not bulky and fits nicely into my backpack. I like the construction of the B&Ws, too, how they fit in my hands, how they sit on my head. I also like B&Ws Society of Sound and the relationship the company seems to have with its customers. I expect I'll keep them.

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i think amperior have a much better sound quality, but not as comfy as P5.

also, P5 looks beautiful and has good building quality, amperior seems not that good if you look closer.

so, i think you need to choose between the sound quality and the look.

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You are right. The Amperiors do sound superior. When I picked them up, I was surprised by the plastic. The aluminum cups were awesome and provided wonderful sound, but the rest of the build was surprisingly poor, or underwhelming. In the end, design won out. The B&Ws sound was good, albeit not as good as Amperior's, but definitely nice. The P5s were more comfortable and seemed like they would withstand a bit more activity.

The entire process was interesting. Reading posts here helped, but for every positive comment there was a negative one and vice versa. Ultimately, it all comes down to personal taste and your pocketbook. In either case, you can't go wrong. Enjoy the Amperiors.


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