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Portable amp for HD 650

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Well I re purchased the HD 650 I sold a few months back really missed the sound. I have only used them with my Essence Stx sound card and have enjoyed the combo.

But I would like to use them away from my computer so I am hoping to hear some advice on a more portable solution, amp. I read a little about tube amp but I don't think I want to deal with the requirements of tubes, or tube rolling. So what do guys recommend In 300 dollar or less solution that can give me a similiar good sound experience like the STX, Thx in advance.
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The National is a pretty good amp in that price range, as it the C421 and TTVJ Slim. Do you have any preferences in terms of sound? As in, is the HD650 a little to dark for you?


If you're just going to be moving around the house, the O2 is a very good transportable amp.

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I would never say dark I think that's a common misconception but one I hear quit a bit around here. What I would like is something that can give me a similar sound sig as the STX. I don't mind something a little more robust but like I mentioned earlier I don't know if I want to go through the time it would take to get the sound right by trying to find the perfect tube. Etc..
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The Audiotrak ImAmp would be a nice portable solution for the HD650. + you can use your essence as a dac>imamp and you have a nice desktop rig. . 

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