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Portable and/or sports earbuds

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Hey everyone,


         This is my second time starting a thread on Head-fi. The first time I did, I got tremendous help, which led me to an amazing pair of Sennheiser hd600s, an Audio-gd NFB-12 stay-at-home amp, and a pair of Fischer Audio's FA-003s. I use the Senns and the amp when I am staying in one place at home where my amp can stay plugged in to the same spot, and I use the Fischers when I am on an extended trip, away from home, or just not in the place where my amp is plugged in. Originally, I was planning on using the Fischers as a very portable headphone. However, I have found that they are not entirely appropriate (size, look, and isolation-wise) for certain circumstances such as being on a train, being in a wifi-coffee shop, etc.



          So first of all, I am looking for a more portable and easy-to-use (maybe even a bit more stylish) smaller (cheaper) headphone, earbud, or whatever, that will be appropriate size-wise, will be easy to carry around, and will not totally isolate outside noise, since I need to hear certain things like train announcements, or if someone is talking to me, etc. I am also looking for the safest option (ear damage-wise). I think this means that in-ear phones are not what I want, and also every in-ear phone I have ever tried has fallen out of my ear... Oh and in addition, my sources are a 2009 13 inch mac book pro, a newer classic ipod, and an iphone 4, and I do not want to have to bring a portable amp with me.


          In addition, I have also been looking for a pair of earbuds that I could run and exercise with. As mentioned above, I often have problems with earphones falling out (especially while running). So I am looking for a good pair of ear phones that I could use that have as good sound quality as possible, are as stable as possible, are as comfortable as possible, are sweat/water proof, have an easy to use remote system (volume, play, pause, next song, etc.), are compatible with all apple products mentioned above, and will allow me to hear outside noise (such as cars and other vehicles since I will be running on the road) within my price range (will mention below). Even though that is a very long list, all of those things are incredibly important to me. Right now, the only headphones I have that are portable, and that I use for exercise are just the normal apple stock earbuds. (Which kinda suck)


          Ok, so here's the deal. I have around $200-300 to spend, but I would rather spend way less, seing as I will be getting accessories like an iPod arm band for exercising. That budget can be broken up anyway. Best possible option would be to find a pair of earbuds/headphones that fit both of my needs mentioned above. However, if the best sports headphone that is in my price range has way worse sound quality than the best portable earbud/headphone that I could get within my price range, then I would rather get two pairs.


          Oh and the types of music I listen to on a regular basis are jazz, jazz fusion, rock, classic rock, punk, ska, electronic (all different genres), world music, alternative, indie pop, etc. Basically everything, but definitely with an emphasis on jazz genres and electronic genres. And usually the types of music I listen to while exercising are electronic and some rock.


Okay, I know that is a lot, but this stuff is really important to me.


So if anyone could please give me some advice, that would be great. Thanks everyone!And if there is anything important that I forgot to mention (god forbid) please let me know!

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And a Microphone for phone calls would also be a nice addition...

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I keep seeing high ratings of Sennheiser PMX 680is, does anyone know if these fit what I'm looking for?



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bump #2...

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Do you try Audio Technica Product? I just try CKM55 sound  quit good for me. they 're also have sport series but never try it. You can look on youtube for video show they wash the product with water.

 Vsonic GR06 or 07 I think will fit for running but they are not have remote control like you want. Onething if you want to hear you enviroment sound why not use on ear one I think inear meant to be isolate enviroment sound from music you listening.

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Those all look like In-ear phones, which was not really what I was looking for.  I think what I am looking for is a portable on-ear to fit my first description and an ear-bud that does not go in the ear for the sports thing.


Thank you for the advice, though!

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I would say try the Senns.

They have a Sport Bud w/iPhone controls.

Keep us posted, and Good Luck.

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Hey Jim, thanks for the input!  I actually just ordered the Senn MX 680i's.  I'll let everyone know how they work out when they come.


Thanks again!

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I use the Senns for working out.  Very stable, pretty much indestructible, sweat proof, and more than decent sound.  You made a good choice.

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Awesome, thanks for the reassurance!

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