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ER-6 - can't get the bass

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I just bought the ER-6. I burned them for about 18 hours already.

They sound very detailed and very clear. I love the midrange to these ear phones. However, I am not getting much bass and the whumph from the drums in my music is missing. I tried inserting them into my ear canals in different ways. I tried pulling my ear up before inserting, licking them, etc... My ear canals barely fit the large tips into my ears and I need to pull them out every hour because my ears get sore.

I have a sony 725 and I am use to listeningto my HD570 headpones. My 725 plays the ER-6 loudly at volume notch 1. If I crank it up, everything gets louder except for the lower bass.

Maybe I am not use to listening to the type of bass the ER-6 has or i am inserting them wrong. Maybe the pcdp doesn't have power. Maybe I am deaf to frequencies below 80 hz. Any suggestions?
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Two things come to mind........and they've been stated numerous times before.
First, I would bet that you do not have a proper seal. When they are inserted properly, and you attempt to pull them out slowly, you will feel a back pressure kind of thing. If they slip out easily, you don't have a good seal.
Secondly, as you say, you may not be used to Ety bass yet. Believe me, it's there. The "wumph' in your drums will not be a physical sensation, but rather you will simply hear it.
Give them time. Your ear canals will toughen up over time. Mine were pretty sore for awhile. Hope this helps.
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I got the ER-6's for christmas and was very impressed with the clean sound from day one, but I also had trouble maintaining good bass. I could get a seal and hear the potential of the headphones but it would always work loose. So I new I was not achieving a GOOD seal.

I kept experimenting with different techniques until I found out what worked for me. (It took over two weeks.) I now get a good seal and love my Ety's.

Bottom line is don't give up, the lucky ones get it right the first time, some of us have to try over and over again before we find what works.
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Originally posted by flash
Bottom line is don't give up, the lucky ones get it right the first time, some of us have to try over and over again before we find what works.
Yeah, it took me about a month to figure out how to get consistently good sound, although I wasn't using them every day over that period. As I mentioned in another thread, I've found that I get the best sound when I angle the tips forward and quite a bit upward into the ear canal and just deep enough to seal out ambient noise--in other words, not TOO deep.
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Thanks for the tips.

I found out pushing them in too far makes the sound more tinny. However, getting the right fit is tough and I still have not figured it out yet. I think I have to push the tips in and let the outer edge of my ear canal lock onto the last flange of the ear tip.
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That's about right. The ER-6's do not need to be inserted very deeply to get good bass. Just past the outer edge of ear canal theoretically would be deep enough. Too deep, and you will distort the shape of the earflange resulting in poor sound.

I strongly recommend getting a portable amp to use with the ER-6's. A good seal and an amp will give you lots of good clean bass.

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