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Hello head-fi'ers. I am having huge difficulty choosing the right headphones for traveling and possible home usage. I have been looking for closed full size headphones as I just love how comfortable they are and the sound range they provide. I have been looking for the AKG K550 (200€) or the Ultrasone pro 750 (285€) . I really like the looks of both headphones and have read great review about AKG K550. The Ultrasone pro 750 got quite mixed reviews.

I would like to get suggestions of some more headphones.

I listen mostly to trance (around 90% of all tracks) and the rest is quite a mix of different music types.


Things I am expecting of headphones:


good overall performance with a bit emphasized bass response. (good bass though, no muddyness etc)

detachable cable would be nice (the thing which quite often breaks in headphones less hazzle with warranty)

short cable would be a very big + (the thing stopping me from getting the AKG's) don't like it hanging there mad.gif

closed type, good isolation (minimal sound leakage both in and out) and no, I don't want to get active noise cancellation

comfort is a big thing as I can be using them for many many hours in a row

easy to drive from a portable device (around 30-100 ohms ?)

good looking is another + (I'm not a ultra style seeking type, but damn those AKG K550 look sexy eek.gif)

oh and durability is a must (don't have to be a tank though)

well I guess that was pretty much it dt880smile.png


I could get Ultrasone Signature Pro for 822€, but it is very hard to decide are they really worth it. They do have most of the "good" things I listed above (cord things etc) but I don't really know about their performance and isolation. Would like to hear some comments smily_headphones1.gif


At the moment I have Sennheiser hd 518, which I use sometimes when I'm outdoors but mostly indoors. I am ready to get one set for portable use and another at some point for indoors use but wouldn't also mind if could use same set out and indoors. I have ASUS Xonar DG soundcard at the moment, but I will probably get a "decent" dac/amp combo in future. (decent in head-fi means at least two thousand rolleyes.gif)


I don't really have a budget as I am ready to use as much money as I must to get good performance (as I will be using the headphones a lot going to school etc), but wouldn't mind if they cost less than a million rolleyes.gif. (optimal price probably less than 500€)


I live in Europe and would like most to get the headphones from, but I'm ready to also buy them from somewhere else. ( for example)



And please, tell me if you stumble upon a great deal atsmile.gif


Thank you for you'r time deadhorse.gif