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Just the J3. I don't normally use the x-fi with headphones by directly connecting them,  I go through the front panel instead.


Sorry, I didn't see a mention of Rocoo Ba.  It looks....sharp.  I usually keep my player in my pants pocket...that might hurt.  Anyway, at the price point it's at I'd rather just get the amp.


I actually have a gift card from a while back that will allow me to get the clip zip for cheaper than usual so I think that's the final choice.  The amp may come in the future, thank you for mentioning it. 

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No worries and good luck. Hopefully it works out for you :).

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Originally Posted by Eudoxa View Post

Hello head-fi,


  I received my miracles a few weeks ago and noticed that they sound nothing like what reviews of the miracles spoke of.  Most notably, the mids are very over emphasized quite fatiguing and I'm having a hard time finding a good eq setting to combat this. 


Have you fully burnt in your miracles?

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Pretty sure the Sony can do Flac somehow, remember it's not just UI and MicroSD slots you're after it's sound quality.

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It's pretty comical though, Sony would be able to appeal to a much larger audience if they didn't continue to do stupid things and shoot themselves in the foot. They are following the Apple mantra and it just won't work for them (Apple can because they have everyone hooked). They need an SD slot and FLAC support to be appealing to the mainstream market. Otherwise there are other Audiophile DAPs that compete and beat the Sony for around the same price if not slightly more (but with features such as micro SD card support). To my knowledge the Sony supports WAV but not FLAC. I could be wrong though. I don't think Sony has an issue though with UI support it looks pretty solid from reviews.

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Originally Posted by Cryok95 View Post


Have you fully burnt in your miracles?

I don't think this matters too much.  To elaborate on the sound coming out of my "custom > to the front bay (with a 6.5mm plug) > x-fi platinum", the sound is much more controlled and flatter albeit a weaker overall sound.  Most immediately noticeable is there's less low end bass but no disproportionate treble.  I'm not sure if part of the distorted sound includes that low end bass or not.  Either way, it was just a touch too much for me anyways; made me feel a little sick after a while.

Originally Posted by kiteki View Post

Pretty sure the Sony can do Flac somehow, remember it's not just UI and MicroSD slots you're after it's sound quality.

The gps is crucial too! tongue_smile.gif


I actually like the way how sony is more functional and how it looks (although it looks kinda big). It'd be nice to look a little hipper with a snazzy lookin' piece of gear for a change -- so yeah, I'll look more into this.  Just the other day I tried walking to the mall with my customs on and overheard some gangster looking guys comment on how I looked like a nerd.  I've always strived to be as knowledgeable as I can so that wasn't wholly an insult and, he was wearing a cheap variant of the beats by dr. dre so I smiled and thought to myself, "well, now I know my customs won't be stolen from me anytime soon...thank you popular culture".etysmile.gif.



p.s. to head-fi moderators, how come "strived" isn't in the dictionary?

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May I know which DAP if you eventually settle for?

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I've pretty much stopped using headfi so sorry for the late reply.  I'm just going to dump my changes here about a year later with my miracles.


Regarding daps:

I went from J3 to clip zip.  About a month ago I found a fuze v1 for 40$ at a shoppers drug mart so I'm using that now.  [both are Rockboxed] 

I haven't look into the difference between fuze v1 and clip zip, but there is a large difference in sub bass quantity.  The clip zip bass became too much for me so I'm sticking with the fuze v1 for as long as I can. 



I'm finding the e17 bass too much as well so I eq it down by one ( -2 because the slider moves in units of 2).  I use the e17 only for my computer nowadays.

I have an e11 but it's not all that usable to me.  It primarily emphasizes bass.  With low impedance iems, the volume is hard to adjust in small amounts (the analogue dial was why I got it in the first place).

My amp buying period predated the e12.


Other things to note:

1. I broke my stock cable and got the unique melody bugle cable.  One side cuts out but still works when the stock cable is kept at a certain angle so I could still compare the two.  The bugle cable made the Miracles a very tiny amount more bassy; really tiny amount.  I got this cable over the cheaper variants because it looked thicker (it just has a thicker sheathing over the actual cable) so I thought it might have more durability. I was told by Stephen Guo (who runs the custom-iems web shop) that the sapphire cable helps emphasize treble, the bugle emphasizes bass, and the silvers in general does a bit of both.  I'm not big on cables, I was primarily looking for something durable.  The reduction in noise whenever I turned my head was quite nice (I wear them running down my back, clipped to the back collar and cinched up behind my head).  I don't know if this can be attributed to the thicker sheath or just the material of it.


2. Very recently, I've found another source of my listening fatigue.  The Miracles are making the "center channel" so-to-speak sounds stretched out (i.e. '--' instead of '.').   The Rockbox "simple (meier)" crossfeed setting fixes this and makes the center sound centered.  It also reduces the maximum distance between the left and right channels imaging wise by a small amount (a normal consequence of crossfeed feeding to the other channel).  I haven't checked yet to see if this issue happens on my Westone 4 as well.


Lastly, I might get a pair of UERMs in the future since the bass is supposed to be flatter (miracle is reported to be slightly U shaped), soundstage perhaps wider and/or have more depth (?), no one seems to own both, and I'm really really curious about the difference.  Hopefully I can make some comparisons if/when I get them; It'll still be a while though.  My comparison won't be anything really regarding details of sounds though (I'm not experienced in describing that) -- more about utility (i.e. isolation, comfort, noise, microphonics, gaming with them).


Hopefully anyone reading this can comment on this stretched out "center channel" and/or about the UERMs relative to the Miracles.


bye bye for now :).

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