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Sony Vs. Sennheiser

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i have the sony mdr v55 and a fiio e6 amp. i would like to know if i should return the mdr v55 and get either the 439 or the 449. i dont know i that is a good choice. plz help. which has better clarity and good bass..the 439 or the 449?


is the sennheiser worth getting more than the mdr v55. should i return the sony?


so if i return the sonny will the 439 with the e6 amp give me a lot of bass boost?

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nvm..guys the mdr v55 is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy better than the sennheiser 439. okk i bought both of them and i tried them both with fiio e6..when it goes to okay high levels..not like super bad high level.....the sennheiser 439 just starts to rumble like make this train sound...horrible.....it distorts the bass super badly..everything else is superb..but the bass is just sooooo horible that u will have to stop..it just cracks and makes weird sound....the mdr v55 does not do this..it does not distort at high volume and it is super clear...the only negative with the v55 is that it leaks a litle sound...

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ive listened to the sennheiser 449 and i own the sony v55's, the 449's have really nice mids, good highs and pretty decent bass. the v55's have awesome bass, nice highs but the low end mids tend to be slightly overshadowed by the bass...  they are both great headphones but when it comes to the usage of an amp with them i think the sony's will cope better cuz of their wider frequency response. its your choice! hope i helped :p

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