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For Sale or Trade: Bifrost/Lyr

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale or Trade:

Will Ship To: Anywhere

When I bought this I was thinking a secondary setup sounded like a good idea, but it turns out there is only so much time I can devote to listening to music and there is no sense having this much tied up in a stationary system that rarely sees use.  I bought this from another headfier back in March and used it with a pair of LCD-2 rev 1.  I love this combination, but like I said I just don't have time for it.  I have an EF6 that I bought to run a pair of HE6(primary system) and that will also run the LCD-2, albeit without the ability to slowly adjust the volume.


Aside from my reason for selling there isn't much to tell.  The Bifrost is of the Non-USB variety and I pirated the accessory description from the original ad(keep in mind the Siemens now have, at a guess, an additional 100hours on them).  Also, as an extra there were little metal legs on the base of the system, attached with adhesive.  I ended up not liking them and removed them.  I'm thinking $650 shipped CONUS and Paypaled.  This is quit a bit less than I paid four months ago and seems to be very much in line with what others are asking.  I will also consider trading for UM Merlins + some cash.


Plagiarised from the original add, from when I bought back in March: It is in Mint condition with the stock JJ Tubes, Siemens E88CC ($250 & <50 hours) from Tubemonger, 2 Sockets Savers from Tubemonger ($50 & <50 hours) and 2 Tube Dampeners from Herbie ($50 & <50 hours).


Looks like these might get split up.  I have even less use for the Bifrost than I do the Lyr.  As it is Non-USB, I thought I could hook this up to my XBox, add a large hard drive and have a pretty cool setup.  Well evidently, and unbeknownst to me, you can only load music on the XBox hard drive manually by ripping CD's directly to it.  Worse you have no control over the bit-rate.  Sounded pretty cool listening to the few CDs I still own.  Anyway, thanks Microsoft.  Letting this go for $250 which is cheaper than I have ever seen one go for.  It is only this cheap because the XBox is my only non-USB source and I do have another USB capable DAC.  You pay shipping, but don't worry about the paypal fee.

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Lyr sold so I am closing this ad and putting the Bifrost in the Source section.

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