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A True Test by Musician... ATH-M50 vs SR60i vs HD280 vs MDR-V6 vs SRH440, vs ???

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Hi guys .... so ... I've been using the in ear headphones that came with iPhone (i know, don't kill me). I've used them simply due to comfort of having small wires as I listen to music only on the train. I do not walk the streets with music on, or jog, or anything. Just on the train.


Now .... being a musician (hobby) and understanding quality of sound and what it should be and actually appreciating it, I decided to upgrade.


So many choices.....


I bought the Bose MIE2i ($104) in ear headphones knowing that they'll never give me the sound I can get from true headphones, BUT, I was curious. Yes they sound better than iPhone white ones, but .... eh. I can still return them.


My Task:

I see many reviews for a lot of different headphones and it is confusing. So ... I'll just buy 5 different headphones and let my ears to the judging.


TESTING these: (Price point .... under $200)


Audio-Technica ATH-M50


Sony MDR-V6


Sennheiser HD-280


Grado Prestige Series SR-60i  (friend has these at work and they are the reason I started this search. Sound was very, very nice.)


Alessandro Music Series One 1


Shure SRH440



Music I listen to:

I mostly listen to Smooth Jazz, Pop, Dance, Classical orchestra / piano, R&B.

I look for base BUT I don't want fake base. I appreciate clarity and purity of sound. I want to get shivers down my spine from the sound. When I hear saxophone, I want it to sound as real as possible. When I hear base guitar, I want to feel as if I am there.


In reality I have no budget. I can buy whatever I want, BUT, I don't feel like spending $300 on headphones that I use for 1-2 hours a day while on the train.


Also ... I care about how compact they are. Would be nice to get something that doesn't look too bulky. Something that's easy to put away. Something with a short or manageable cord.


My Question:

Out of headphones I want to buy ... anything I should know???

Any other headphones you recommend me getting?

Any headphones I should cut out of the list?


When I do my testing, I'll be sure to post my thoughts here.


thank you.

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I guess nobody cares :-)

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No you waited for 48min before posting again this is a forum not an instant messanger.

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I don't know quite whether this will fit all of your requirements but something to consider would be the Sony MDR ZX700. They aren't really that basey but with a bit of EQing, they will be fine. They are light, and very comfortable and well built. I have just received mine and attempted a review (failed I think but I tried!). I would be very interested in this review though, a comparison of these headphones would be very interesting!

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Just FYI, neither the SRH440 or the M50 have a very "short or manageable cord," both having coiled cables. There is a straight cabled version of the M50 as well (M50s) but it's cable is 11 feet long. Grado and Alessandro also would not be well suited for using on the train, since they are open backed headphones and have no isolation. They also have thick and bulky cables (assuming Alessandro has the same cables as Grado, I've never owned them myself.)

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For anyone else who finds this thread the kns 8400 are better IMO for classical. Strong mids, clean, nutral bass ( recessed) some would say, not good for rock though. However the m50 is a solid can for rock, pop, electronica, and rap in comparison. tight bass for a closed can sparkely highs, great extention at both ends, the mids are recessed but unless the song had A LOT of mid bass the bass didn't cover up the mids. They are indectructable... make a great beater can for traveling because they really take a hit without showing damage.
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