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A little help please

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Ok, guys, help me out please, I'm getting a refund on a 'good' pair of IEMs I owned and I'm in need of a new pair. They were Sennheiser CX 980s but I can't get a replacement pair because a) the shop doesn't stock them anymore and b) I got them at a good price so the refund wouldn't really cover a replacement elsewhere. Cheapest I can find them is £96 on ebay. So I thought it'd be best to ask here. I'm going to say straight away I'm not knowledgeable when it comes to audio terminology, however, I am looking for IEMs which have clear/accurate sound, good build quality(ideally pretty much indestructible because I'm not overly careful and I'm quite clumsy - my last pair stopped working properly because I accidentally knocked the cable with my knee several times quite hard while plugged into a computer.) and if possible with good noise isolation(although if need be I'll buy some comply foam tips).


My budget is £90 GBP($140~USD) although if it's worth shelling out a couple quid more I'll consider it. I've had a browse but at this price range there seems to be quite a bit of choice and I'm not quite sure where to start. I've owned Shure SE110, Sennheiser CX 980, Sennheiser CX550 II, AKG K27i(not IEMs but still) and some cheaper ones as backups. I liked the Shure SE110s but after a while the cable around the ear, as you wear them with the cable going over the top of your ear, started to degrade and resulted in patchy audio. I liked the Sennheiser CX 980s because they had a metal jack, more durable earphones and cable in general(but if the cable's yanked it's going to damage the earphones eventually). I'd use them to listen to tv shows and movies a lot but also rock music too. To be specific - classic, alternative, garage, prog, bit of punk.


I think I've covered most of the useful information but if I've missed anything please ask. Thank you in advance for any advice.


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Bump. Anyone?

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Phonaks or EPH-100.


Read Joker's huide.

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