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Hey all,

I'm trying to make my final decision as to which customs to go for.  It is down to the Dream Earz aud-5x, 1964-Q, or wondering if I should keep saving and go for the UM merlin.


As you can guess, I like a more fun and colorful sound with quite a bit of bass though not overwhelming (thus why I ruled out the Beat Audio i9pro).


Main points I'm looking for are comfort first, then performance emphasizing bass and female vocals (primarily symphonic metal such as Nightwish and Within Temptation, female vocals such as Cowboy Junkies and Trespasser Willaims, and hard electronic/trance such as Celldweller and Emma Hewitt)


I've searched through the threads, reading all of the aud-5x posts and most of the merlin and 1964 appreciation posts, but would really appreciate if anyone had any opinions as to which and why.  I'm looking to do this once and hopefully cure my upgradeitis for a long time.


Source is an ipod classic using a mix of 320k and ALAC with a Pico Slim being added shortly.


Thanks all.