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Entry level Headphone

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Hey, newcomer to the Headphones world here!


I always used the old Ipod earbud, but now they are broken, so I though about buying a headphone.I like rock music, most grunge, and mpb(brazillian music), also, I am not a competitive player, but I would like to play Team Fortress 2 with the phones.So what you guys would recommend(if possible, I would like a headphone that doesn't need an amp to sound good)?


I already taked a look at these headphones:


Audio Technica ath-m50

Koss Pro DJ100

Shure srh440


Thanks for reading and sorry for my english.

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the hd25 is good for your tock and mpb at 200usd, but its not he most comfortable thing in the world



dt770 are also good if u care about comfort but mids are a little recessed to me if u cared a lot for vocals


bass impact is good on both so i imagine that shooting sounds on team fortress will be easily heard

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Your English is actually pretty good. I've seen native speakers do plenty worse.


I have two questions.

  1. How much money are you willing to spend?
  2. Will you use these headphones in public? This will determine whether or not I suggest open or closed-back headphones.
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1 - Something under 200 bucks is fine for me.

2 - Yes, I intend to use the headphones in public.


EDIT:I would like some headphone that is very comfy, cause Im going to use it a good part of the day.

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Some of the vmodas might fit the bill for your price range/requirements and they sound pretty decent un amped too. Skullcandy aviators are not too bad either. The brand itself is not renowned for making high quality headphones but the Aviators are actually not too shabby.
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Just sharing my 2 cents:


1) Ultrasone 780 or DJ1


2) Shure 840 


3) Something new: Phillips Citiscape Uptown - apparently a M50 killer 


4) Something different: B&W P3


5) Sennheiser: HD558


6) KRK KNS 8400 


7) Sorry but I have to mention this...Fischer Audio - FA003 ! 


Rock On... :)

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Grado's are usually very good for rock if you're into that kind of thing, very forward and fun to listen to, but comfort takes a backseat when listening. :/ 

On the bright side, they're easy to drive! I'd recommend buying used to avoid the burn-in time. 

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I think I'm going with the Philips Citiscape Uptown, because well...they look comfortable and so damn sexy xD!


Any final thoughs?

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All the best mate, let us know your experience with it. Hope this is the one for you...Even better if u can try it somewhere before you purchase...and then try the M50s and the other contenders...


But based on reviews, Uptowns are pretty good :)

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