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Originally Posted by Painful Chafe View Post

Another great "Unplugged" CD




Unplugged Clapton?

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Tie between Kid A and In Rainbows, by Radiohead.

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Originally Posted by ramordep View Post



That's a fun one. I always play Drive to test out new headphones.

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B12 - last days of silence

I use that to test drive new IEM's
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Tool - Lateralus 

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Always come back to Donald Fagen's The Nightfly.  The instruments progressively dropping out at the end of "New Frontier" is a great test.

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I really don't listen to any music that's similar to this, but Julian Casablancas' solo album "Phrazes For The Young" is my favorite all time album.

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Originally Posted by xSARSx View Post

DR. DRE. chronic 2001

Definitely my favorite rap album of all time. So good.

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Dinosaur Jr. Beyond.  I smile every time I start it up and hear "Almost Ready" start to crank up.

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