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Your #1 Favorite Album

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I know its been done before but its never really caught on and become a big thread.

List your Absolute Favorite Album, i know that many people have a few albums that they like equally, but list your #1.


For me it has to be:

Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen

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Tom Petty Full Moon Fever
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Dark Side of the Moon with Wish you Were Here a very close second

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Bob Marley's Legend

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Couldn't possibly name a favorite album of all time; there's too much music out there to name a #1


At this moment in time though, I'm really loving Joshua Redman's Momentum.

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Impossible to answer, but I've thought for a couple of years that if I was asked this question and only had five seconds to answer, my answer would be In Rainbows by Radiohead. I'm not even a huge Radiohead fan but that album is pretty much flawless in my eyes, if the too compressed mastering isn't taken into account. Before I heard In Rainbows my answer would probably have been The Dark Side of the Moon.

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Float - Aesop Rock.

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Switchfoot's Nothing is Sound

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Spock's Beard - Snow

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Golden_Earring_-_Moontan.jpgLedZeppelinLedZeppelinalbumcover.jpgBlack_Sabbath_debut_album (1).jpg




I could never just pick one!

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Very hard to pick just one, but I'd choose:


Tommy - The Who

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Great choice. It's up there for me, but my favorite has to be (my avatar)


BT's This Binary Universe



Originally Posted by aroldan View Post

Very hard to pick just one, but I'd choose:


Tommy - The Who

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Deep Purple self titled 3rd LP.

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By far my favorite: 

Waves Vol.1



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