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Check Out The Head-Fi Summer 2012 Buying Guide! - Page 4

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right-click on it and then select 'Save Target As..' - then save it on your computer

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Great summary of all the flagships (though I guess the ATH-W3000ANV wasn't considered for this list). 


Would be great to see a list at lower price points in the future as well!

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Great read! I'd add and remove few things here and there and have some layout niggles but you know, who am I? wink_face.gif

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very nice document to view~~~~~~

Thanks for all the effort!!!

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Great job Jude & team!

Any plans to release it to the ipad's newstand? :)

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I LOL'ed hard at the comments in Gizmodo saying "Where's Beats?"

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I'll definitely give it a read =)
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Very cool, but that 8bit retro font looks awful and was hard to read at times.

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I would say that Guide, like you said, is geared more towards people starting to get into the world of Hi-Fi Headphones.  In that respect, it was very good.  Though I agree with a few others, that throwing in a few budget gems would be a good idea.



Side note:  Please post some more your headphone video reviews.  I very much enjoy them.  Though I am sure you are very busy and it is hard to make time to make them.




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Great work, even there are some unpopular brands in it smily_headphones1.gif
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Read through this a few days ago.  Great job, Jude!


One little niggle, the DT1350 is described as an "around-the-ear" headphone.

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Thanks for putting this together, Jude.


I'll keep it next to my Stereophile Recommended Components issue.

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Absolutely fantastic Jude. Really well done.

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Outstanding Effort! thanks for taking the time


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