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Excellent Job!

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absolutely amazing!!!

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Yeah, this is pretty awesome. I couldn't get the last one to work, but this one opened right up. It's really cool to see the reviews and tidbits that are written by familiar Head-Fiers. Excellent, hope to see many more of these.

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Hey, this is pretty nice, I appreciate the work that went into it, thanks.

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The Nuforce DAC 100 looks great definitely in my sights for the future.

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What a great read. Thanks!

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Wow !!!


That is an awesome read - thank you ! Just wish I could afford some of the high-end kit reviewed in the guide frown.gif

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Good job, great read! Thanks.

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This was an enjoyable read- thorough, great design and well done.  My only critique would be that, while accurate and on-point,  I would call the descriptions more highlights than reviews.  I had no difficulty finding the strengths of all the products listed, but really needed to read between the lines to uncover the shortcomings.  Of course, there are no shortages of those in the forums :).

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very goood job!!!


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looks great, not that i actually have any time to read through it, looks really nice though.

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Great work! It looks even better than the Winter guide! Gonna have to take some time to go through it. 

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impressive products guide & work. much appreciated...

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Originally Posted by gelocks View Post

...just noted a pricing typo for the NuForce DAC-100... it shows the price of the Icon HDP.


Thanks for catching that. We're uploading a version with that fixed right now.


For the 2012 Holiday Guide, we'll keep in mind all the feedback we're getting (and we do appreciate it, so thank you for the nice comments, for the critiques, for the suggestions).


Important note:  The guide is best viewed by being downloaded and read on a PDF reader, not directly within a web browser.

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