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Take the 7" Acer Iconia tablet, still running Android but:

1) get rid of the camera, replace the audio processor with a PCM270x integrated USB DAC (and design it to be used as both a USB DAC and portable player), and a dedicated headphone amp chip like the UDA1308 so it can power a wide range of IEMs and even a lot of headphones - I personally would prefer a powerful headphone amp built in rather than lug a separate amp around, as long as it has a large enough battery


2) 8gb internal memory for the OS, apps, etc; microSDHC slot

3) ship it with a good charging and interface Dock, using the dock port on the long side to interface with it and send out an SPDIF signal or USB audio, and it becomes a music server at home; and eliminate all those other ports on it except for the USB so it can easily be used as a USB DAC with a laptop away from the main system


4) Compact layout internally and cram the largest possible and most durable battery in there, with reasonable turnaround time for dealer or manufacturer battery replacement service



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1. High capacity hard drive or SSD (128gb or more), with SD card slot

2. Good, non-touch UI (just copy from the iPod Classic, as long as it's smooth it'll be fine)

3. Coaxial out and line out

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-Line out

-digital out

-more than 64gb of storage, 128, 256, 512....  SSD.

-Touch screens aren't necessary, tactile buttons, scroll wheels, things of that nature are more than fine, think of how easy an ipod classic is to use.

-low output impedance for headphone output

-long battery life

-the ability to play while charging

-ability to add music through a file browser

-the ability to play music from folders instead of based off id3 tags

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Like this? http://www.zoom.co.jp/products/h2n/features/ The previous version sounded pretty good but file type is limited to mp3 and wave but they're great for converting your analog sources.wink_face.gif

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