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Help me decide witch headphone to get!

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Been reading this forum for a while now, this is my first post.

But the more I read the more confused I get, anyone recognize this?


Anyway, the headphone I had for the last 8 or 10 years were a Philips HPC-910.

They are now discarded as they literally fell apart!


*I do not plan on buying an exclusive amp, but will in the near future invest in a external
soundcard, and they, almost all, have headphone amps in them.


*I ONLY listen to electronic music, no vocals. Nothing but techno really. Different forms maybe, but
still only electronic music.


*I do produce electronic music on my own, but when night comes, the Adam monitors has to be switched off, and
headphones put on.


From what I read on this forum, the Bayers DT770 or DT880s and the AT-M50 are what I should


So, I want a 'phone with revealing sound for studio usage. Controlled bass, don't mind it if there's
alot of it as long as it not muddy.

Crisp mids and highs ofcourse.


Open or closed? No preference really.


Comfort is of matter as I tend to sit for hours...



Thanks for your input and this excellent forum. Muchly appriciated.beyersmile.png



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ATH-M50.  They are meant for studio work.  They are sealed which is nice so you can reduce the outside ambiance.  They are well tested and listened to headphones.  They were my first good pair of headphones and I went through 50 other headphones on the wall at Headroom when I made the purchase.  The M50 is a great headphone with deep bass, neutral mids, and gently rolled off treble.  They fold up well making the pretty darn portable.


If you do go with the ATH-M50 and they end up clamping your noggin a tad tightly you should place them stretched over a full-sized tissue box while you are not listening to them.  This will help loosen up the freshly constructed headband.


I still own mine and use them as a general reference as well as a basis of comparison for any new gear I try.

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