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I don't think changing the volume affects it at all. It's there just before or after audio input. On my Mac it stops about a second after input while on the iPad around 10 seconds after audio input. It's not bothersome and hardly audible to my ears with these. I've owned Sennheiser's Kleer headphones for a while and the hiss was much more prominent there. More audible on mm450-x, too, I'd say. I the hiss on these doesn't bother me. I don't think it's there with quiet music at all until you go right down - to the point were the sound itself is hardly audible. Sennheisers were much worse.


If they'd have fully sorted the headband feedback issue and perhaps added AC these'd be pretty close to perfect. There are always tradeoffs, unfortunately.

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Originally Posted by Tigrowski View Post

I see, thank you. Is the hiss very audible? Does it occur only on higher volumes or throughout the bar? Does it occur on quieter parts of music or videos as well or only when there is no sound input whatsoever?


Hiss is more audible if you have the amplifier on the HK BT to the max (press the volume button all the way up).  You can circumvent this (and should) if you max the volume on the source device and limit the volume on the headphones.  

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I see, thank you both very much and thank you a lot for pointing out how I can limit the hiss :) Already ordered a pair, hoping for a great experience :)

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Could anyone please share their EQ settings used with the BTs? The SQ is decent but for my noobish ears, on some occasions it's a bit muddy... For example Sweet Child O' Mine lacks this sharpness in the intro, same goes with Freddie's voice when listening to Queen.

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That's quite a treble boost for the HK...  It'll give them a nice v-shaped sig though.  

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