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Originally Posted by matt32250 View Post

Hi, thanks for your review of these headphones. Your review and others here helped me decide to purchase the BTs, too, and I'm enjoying them. I am wondering if an inexpensive headphone amp would make them even better? I have an iphone 5 and was considering the fiio  e6 or even the e11. It sound like I would have to purchase the lightning-to-30-pin connector, as well. Do you think it's worth it? Or if you don't have any thoughts, I understand. Thanks again.

Not to be a smart ***** but the whole point of bluetooth is to avoid the cable and move the controls to the headphones.The saving grace is amps are built in the cups. matching amp to speakers can be a big step forward in the audio chain. For the money you pay for the HKs you could get much better headphones; sadly cable attached. I really liked the HK BT when i had them and even considered getting them again and probably will when they go on sale. The build quality and even the look (think baby stax) is very appealing.

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guys, do you think one can jog and work out in the gym with these? Do they stay on your head tightly?

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don't want IEMs :(

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Originally Posted by Farid FXX View Post

guys, do you think one can jog and work out in the gym with these? Do they stay on your head tightly?


Clamping force is a complaint about these it seems, and I see why.  I have a small head and feel the clamping force.  That said, it does stay tight on the head...  They're quite lightweight, but you'd look mighty awkward running with these on :p

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No way. Your ears will get sweaty just wearing them after half an hour or so.


If working out with them it will get really uncomfortable and right quick :)

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Just got a pair. Best Buy has them for 129.00. They are great. A little sweaty but I have that problem with all over ear headphones. The BT works great for podcast or audiobooks. Used the cable with the VentureCraft go-dap 3.0 and they were fantastic.it really opened them up.
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Just got these at my local Best Buy for $69.99.  Can't really say that I'm impressed by them right now though.  The bass sounds really muddy and a bit uncontrolled.  Maybe it'll get better after some burn in.  Build quality seems to be pretty solid.

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Wow that's really cheap. I got mine in November for €250 in Germany. BestBuy.com has them listed for $250. Are we talking about the same headphones here :) ?

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Yup, in store clearance.  They had the CL for $99.99 and the BT for $124.99.  They were mislabeled so I brought it to the attention to one of the employees.  I wasn't looking to buy one but he offered to sell it for the mislabeled price.  Couldn't pass it up tongue_smile.gif

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I think you have go to the best buy store. They aren't discounting online.
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The BTs sound pretty good for a bluetooth set! Great for commuting and once in the office I hook em up to a Fiio E7 and they open up nicely. 


They are ugly as f*** though, even after 6 months of owning these I still can't help notice some strange looks on the bus to work. 

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Blinq has the BT at 99 US with international shipping. Grabbed a pair & they're great.

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