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I am thinking a much smaller venue, for 3-10 people.



Got to be more than 3 people.  Myself, Happy Camper and SoupRKowva are a lock.

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If its mid dec I'm 80-90% sure I can go.

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Columbus Head-fier reporting in. Well, Columbus from Winter Break (~ Dec 21 - Jan 21) and summers (May-August). Otherwise at school elsewhere.

Definitely interested if this comes together in the applicable time frame; if it does, I could chip in some LCD-2s with a Lyr/Bifrost stack as well as a few other random phones. No need to limit your times so as to include me though, obviously; whatever works for the majority makes most sense.

In either case, keep me posted. Subbed.

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I might be interested in this. I would be coming from Farmington Hills, MI. I'm looking to check out some HD800, LCD2, and LCD3. 

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Anybody near galion?
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In Youngstown... 


Hope something would happen in Akron or Cleveland... though as far as Columbus I might stop in, could plan the weekend to visit friends there and then the drive would be justified.

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What's the store in Cincinnati that Happy was referencing?  I've got family there, and will definitely want to check it out when I'm in town if it's worthwhile.

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Originally Posted by Happy Camper View Post

Awesome, thanks!

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Hey everyone!  I live in Columbus as well and would definitely be willing to participate in a local meet/greet.  Would be cool to check out some new gear, even if it's just a few people and would gladly bring anything I currently have for others to check out as well.

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I will be able to host a larger number of people in a few weeks if there is interest. I will be moving into a house and will be able to accomedate more around 8-10 {maybe more} people with more then enough room and could have multiple rooms set up. Pm me if you are interested at all. I do live in Columbus. westerville to be precise. So pm with a date or time that you are able, I would like to shoot for a sat or sun time frame for the simple fact of more time with gear and what not.

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None of you are interested......
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Elyria, Ohio. I'm in.

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Message me when you can make it to Columbus for a day
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I may be interested in coming down from Westlake, but my schedule is completely up in the air at the moment so I can't really promise anything. Gear is up in the air as well but at the moment I have my CTH and K501 and HD700s.

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