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Why do some people feel the need to crap all over other people?

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^^^ I see this all the time. I see threads get locked as a result of a member crapping all over another member because they shared their honest opinion. Fanboys (and girls) will get all defensive and in your face if you say anything bad about gear they like. I was looking at an article on InnerFidelity today and some guy there said literally said that his opinion was better than another persons. He said quote "Let me put it this way Sir. Some people's opinions are actually better than other's. That's just the way it is in the real world. In other words, mine is better than yours." I didn't take anything out of context or anything like that. He goes on later to say in his post that "The beginning of your story should have been a spanking your parents failed to give you." and then (ironically) "It's called manners". He also brags about how he's had decades of published audio reviews. I wasn't registered on InnerFidelity but I just had to sign up to tell this jerk what I thought of him. That is just one example but I have seen this all over the internet . . . basically any place where you can post your own comments actually. I see it on Youtube (don't ask me why I even read comments in the first place . . . Youtube is just full of a bunch of immature 12 year-olds) . . . EVERYWHERE. Can we all be a little more civil please?


EDIT: It is of my humble opinion that all members of Head-Fi that partake in activity like this should first be given a warning and then if they still continue after they have received a warning, they should receive a temporary ban from the site. Then if they come back and they still want to cause trouble, give them a permanent ban. I HATE it when people are condescending, pompous (the list goes on with whatever other adjectives your brain can think of) jerks. People need to be more kind, courteous (etc.) to other people when on online forums. I don't know . . . this is just my $00.02. And please don't interpret this as me trying to tell the Head-Fi staff what to do . . . I like them a lot and I can definitely appreciate how much work they put into this site. I'm sure it is not easy being an admin/moderator for Head-Fi and it is a fact (I'm sure that any one of the staff would agree with me on this) that they cannot know everything that is happening on Head-Fi at every second. It is a sad fact that people like this cause problems every day and a lot of them get away with it with absolutely no consequence at all.

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1) I agree with you.  Some people are simply jerks.  The safety of the keyboard allows them to say things they would never say in-person.


2) Being on the internet also means that you can NEVER *win* an argument.  The two combatants can just keep posting until one gets bored and stops.  Arguments on forums are not won, they just slowly die from boredom.  Thus, not feeding the troll is the only effective method.  You can't let yourself believe that ANYTHING you say will have any affect on the troll - you have to convince yourself that even if the troll's post was the last one, you (and everyone else in the forum) actually won because you did not rise to the bait - you stopped the troll by not playing their game.


3) Warnings & bans do nothing.  All you need is another email address and you can have a new account and a new identity.  Only the dumbest of trolls will come back and declare themselves troll_1_reborn.  We are just fooling ourselves that having a high post count actually means anything - it doesn't - a jerk can be a jerk with 5 posts just as easily as with 5000.  Checking IP addresses also won't work, all it will do is prevent anyone else that is behind the same corporate or university firewall from joining.  


4) I grieve for our species and I hope the squid or dolphins have better luck when they rise-up and have their try at running this planet.

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This is why I don't post in (any) forums much. I only post when I need to or when my opinion/ideas/advice might help someone.

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It is the Internet. People are keyboard warriors.

Be like me and chillax. Alcohol may assist.
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Originally Posted by RoMee View Post

This is why I don't post in (any) forums much. I only post when I need to or when my opinion/ideas/advice might help someone.

Yeah, when you post something anywhere, you have to word your posts very carefully so as not to step on anyones toes. Especially on the huge threads that are about a certain product . . . if you are going to give your opinion on an area that the product could be better at, you have to be very cautious so you don't offend any fanboys/girls. Say one thing they don't like and you will get attacked for it.


EDIT: MomijiTMO, thanks for the advice . . . I don't drink however tongue.gif.

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Well you can have some extra music to make up for it smily_headphones1.gif.
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My stuff is the best, your stuff sucks and I'm gonna tell you why...

Happens a lot on the internet but I've not seen people act this way at meets. Keyboard Warriors, come out to play...

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Love the new signature!

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To attempt to answer this question, it usually happens when someone is low on spiritual energy. There are four Control Dramas mentioned in the Celestine Prophecy book; they serve to functionally "steal" this energy from others:


Control Dramas

   A control drama, as depicted in The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield, is played by anyone
   who is low on spiritual energy, to manipulate and steal the energy of another.  This spiritual energy is
   absolutely critical for our survival, and lack thereof is the prime cause of ALL conflict in the world.

   So why do we do them?
   When two people begin an interaction, their energy fields merge into one and there comes the issue
   of, who is going to control this energy?  If one can get the other to accept their point of view, and see
   the world as he see's it, then he has captured both energies, resulting in an instant feeling of
   euphoria, power, and security.
   All of these positive feelings are won at the expense of another person, who then feels off-center,
   anxious and drained of energy.
   All of these control drama's originate from your childhood, as a defensive measure to counteract the
   control drama's that your parents played to steal energy from you.
   There are 4 types of control drama's:
   - Intimidator
   - Interrogator
   - Aloof
   - Poor Me


At least that's one theory, it's a decent enough if overly simplistic book.



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Wow, that's an interesting idea. Never thought my parents were stealing spiritual energy from me tongue.gif.

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That was clearly written by someone who has not yet been a parent.

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Nope. You would be right about that one.

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This is a great thread. A while ago I came out with a, now infamous, thread regarding the Sennheiser HD800. I got raked over the coals. I have always said that, at Head-Fi, a positive review is a moral good and a poor review is a moral evil. Maybe it's our puratanical society but honesty is not as well regarded as a smile.

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Thanks. And I know exactly what you mean.

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