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Wanted: WTB: Fischer FA-003 earpads

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WTB: Fischer FA-003 earpads

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I'm looking for the original Fischer FA-003 earpads. Fischer changed their earpads sometime during production, and I'm looking for the "MK1" version.  Here's how to tell:


MK1:  Thicker pad, the material used on the inside edge (the side surrounding your ear when worn) is a different kind of material than the one used on the front face (the side that touches your head) and the outside.  The inside edge uses a stiffer material. 


MK2:  All 3 sides of the pad are made of the same material.  Pad is not as thick as MK1


Here are some pictures showing the differences.  I'm willing to pay up to 50 dollars for a pair.  Hopefully that is incentive enough. I might be willing to pay more...





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Don't take this the wrong way, but I very much doubt new MK1 pads exist anymore. I mean fischer products are impossible enough to find when they in production - I don't even want to contemplate how hard it will be to find them once production stopped! 


You might be wasting a lot of money on used pads and from personal experience, I can tell you those harder walls on the inside tend to crack very easily. The pair on my FA-002w cracked in 3 months, I paid $37 from GDAudiobase and they started cracking again in a few months. For $17 you can purchase a pair of those MK2 pads from MP4nation, might as well give them a try if you haven't already.


Considering how knowledgeable you are, you may already know all these things and you just want to try out the MK1 pads regardless. If that is the case ignore all of this blather from a 'noob'. For clarification, I am not at all trying to "educate" you; I am merely offering my un-welcomed, un-requested opinion and hoping you aren't offended! Either way I hope you find a solution.


EDIT: You can also always just stick a little foam underneath to make your very own Angled pads ala MarkL to give the pads a similar shape.

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I already have both kinds.   I need some more pairs of the MK1 for a project.  And I'm willing to pay for them.  And I didn't ask for "new" pads.  Used is fine, though I may not want to pay full price unless they're in good shape. 

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There I went assuming things again. In that case, I'll spare you more un-welcomed advice and merely leave it at "hope you find what you need".

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Oh, so they're actually two different pads!  No wonder!  I always thought it was inconsistent manufacturing (which it might have also been).  Did you ever find where to purchase the MK1 version?  Thanks!

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Sorry to keep resurrecting this, but, still can't find any >.<

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