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Why does my Squeezebox Touch suck?

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Hello. I am looking for a solution to some SQT problems that have plagued me since I first received the unit. I'm think it's just a limitation of the processor, but I wanted to see if anyone else had an idea about how to fix it.


I have a SQT (with latest firmware) using a USB attached drive running Squeezebox Server. I have uncompressed full rez and hi rez AIFF, FLAC, and WAV files. To date I have about 1 TB worth of music. I output via Optical or Coax to a DAC. I'm using an external PSU.


The Squeezebox Server freezes a lot. I can usually not listen to more than 3-4 tracks before it just stops. The database shows multiple entries for each album (2-3). It cannot find files. And the iPhone / iPad interface is very slow and not very responsive.


So, my question is: can this be addressed? Or is this the limitation of the processor? Would it be better to use a NAS and hook it up via Ethernet instead of the USB port? Will this solve the problem, or not?


Thanks for any insight. My next step is just to get another server... but the SBT is a great price point for streaming bit-perfect data to an external DAC. And it plays Pandora.



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there is at least 1 huge sbt thread on here that I'd look for.  It seems like there are countless mods you can do wrt settings, add ons, power supply updates,,,,,edo,,,,etc etc etc...


Since the SBT is such an active device on here I think you;ll find a lot of what you need in existing treads.  But your freezing issue - this is the first I've heard of that so you may have something set wrong or have another issue but I've only played withother people's sbt so I can't be too helpful there...

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Yes, I'm experiencing something quite specific, and it's not audio-related per se. It's more of a technical issue: does the server hardware choke: (a) with an attached USB drive as the media; and/or (b) with too many files in the database?

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I've read a lot of complaints about the SBT's performance with USB drives. Have you checked the SBT forum? http://forums.slimdevices.com/forumdisplay.php?34-Squeezebox-Touch
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The SBT can be tricky with USB drives. The Logitech boards have a sticky listing drives that are known to work well, including WD and others.


It's also worth installing the EDO app if you're outputting to a DAC. Free, easy to install and makes a substantial difference to the SQ.


good luck,



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I got a Touch and tried a USB HD; very slow, SQ wasn't too good either (perhaps because the system had to work very hard keeping its local server running?). Switch to a (wifi-connected PC) made life much easier; fast, good sound (especially through an external dac). I would advice you to do the same, use a PC connected through ethernet or wifi.

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