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Free to a Good Home: Single Hifiman He-400 driver

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Free to a Good Home:
Single Hifiman He-400 driver

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hello all.  I posted this ad when I was quite new to Headfi and am going to revive it now... kind of.  I posted an ad for a set of He-400 drivers (this ad, originally) but realized when I went to sell it to another Head-fier that I could only find one of the drivers, so I deleted the ad.  I can't imagine anyone wanting to pay any amount of money for a single driver, so I offer it now to you for free.  My only stipulation is that you have at least one feedback rating.  I'm trying to send this to someone who might have a use for it, whatever that may be, rather than having it sit in my closet forever collecting dust.  So if anyone wants it you can have it for free, just cover shipping (probably <$5 if you live in the US)


I know it might seem a bit odd to post an ad like this, but hey I figure someone may have use for this, why let it go to waste?


Thanks everyone and sorry for any confusion.


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PM sent.
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Message sent.
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Are you going to reply to the PM's?

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