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Originally Posted by Phrosst View Post

sorry didnt see the date lol


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Great thread. ModMic looks like perfect deal.

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what was the one from walmart called?

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Hey all, a good desktop mic is the Audio-Technica ATR2500...


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Was taking a look at the Blue Snowflake, seems decent enough. Attach to top of monitor, and it's cardioid so it shouldn't pick up too much background noise.



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Was looking into getting an Olympus ME-52w. Anyone ever use one? The reviews seem pretty good for noise cancellation.
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Google "lavalier cardioid microphone".  Perhaps they will work for you.  Cardioid is the polar pattern you will want to avoid picking up ambient noise.


Here is an inexpensive example.


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Thank you fishyee I'll take a look for one. The one in the link looks similar to the Olympus one. It will be used for fps gaming and after using headsets for so many years I've finally seen the light. I'm buying an AD700X so a decent mic would be nice. Was looking at the zalman clip on ( reviews said mic wasn't good) one, modmic and a few others then stumbled across the Olympus while Google searching. Thanks again, cheers
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Glad I could help.  A good set of headphones and a decent mic far exceed most commercial headsets.


If you have a pair of headphones with a 1/8" detachable cable, you can also try out the VModa mic.

 - http://v-moda.com/boompro-microphone/


The Philips X1 and L1 come to mind as good, inexpensive headphones that I would consider for gaming.  The newer X2 and L2 are even better if you can splurge.


Personally, I use the Sony MDR 7520 with the VModa mic.

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The Philips look nice but after reading so many reviews about the ad700x being great for gaming and seeing Mad Lust Envys review being legendary for competitive I thought I'd give them a try since gaming is the only thing they will be used for. Thank you for the suggestions. Cheers
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Samson Meteor Mic is cheap, sounds decent, highly directional, and can sit under your monitor with room to spare.
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Wow I love the look of the meteor mic but unfortunately reviews are saying it's extremely sensitive and picks up all sounds, which would probably annoy friends on TeamSpeak. It does say there is a software download but it says you have to pay for it. Thank you for the suggestion. Cheers
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