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Portable iPhone speaker

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I have searched for a portable speaker for a while now. Unfortunately I don't trust audiophile opinions except from members of head-fi and there is not a ton of current info here.

I am using a iPhone 4, must be portable, not seperate speakers, I would love wireless ( ie. Bluetooth), but of I'm killing sq ill let it go.

My preferred sound sig(ultrasone hfi-580), anything like this in a portable speaker?

As always, Thanks.
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More details would be nice, but the Logitech s715i is pretty fantastic for $100. bigsmile_face.gif


Do you have a price/size limit?

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Size - anything portable will be fine. I think I'd like the line between size vs sound sq

Price - I'm a budget guy. My headphone selection ended up being the Ultrasone hfi-580, i like the bass, and sound sig. I'll find a deal on what we decide on. Thanks for the help so far.
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Well that line is very different for different people. For instance, the Dragonfly is supposed to sound very good for the price, but most would probably not spend $250 just on a DAC. Could you be a little more specific?


As far as I'm aware, the s715i is pretty much one of the best portable speakers for anywhere near it's price. I had an x-mini once, and it was great, but it eventually was limited by it's size. I suggest you browse Amazon, and read some reviews. They've almost always pointed me in the right direction. Good luck! :)

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I might be switching gears on size.

I like the price range of the Logitech wireless boom box, but what about something smaller. Can I get decent lows from any of the smaller options. I'd probably spend a little more if it opened up any additional units.
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Sorry the smaller you get, the worse off the lows will be typically. Does it really need to be that small?


My X-mini had decent midbass, so if you want small, that'd probably be one of your best options.

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Thanks for the input. I'm surprised there is not more discussion on this board about this subject

Anywho, I checked out the Logitech, it's not too big. I can deal wIth that size. I was definately expecting more low end, is any amount of bass attainable in this market?

I also checked out the soundfreaq sound kick (very portable decent sound)and sound platform. The Platform sounded pretty good but it definately loses portability.

Have y'all heard of his brand, what are the reviews?
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I would take a look at sound matters FoxL v2. I thought they sounded excellent for its size. My reference for the sound quility was a iphone 4s shure es530 setup. 

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