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I get pretty engaged when I put a 10db boost at 32hz on my headphones.

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Originally Posted by TMRaven View Post

I get pretty engaged when I put a 10db boost at 32hz on my headphones.

So I'll add:


For my ears--and given my listening tastes and preferred genres, the 5LE just seem to get completely out of the way so that I find myself engaged in the music itself rather than with tallying [then "correcting"] the perceived excesses and/or deficiencies of the headphones themselves.  


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Glad to see the LE getting some love around here over the HE500.

It boils down to personal preference, like I believe I'd prefer the HE400 and HE-4 over the HE500, due to a more appreciable amount of bass on both of them (I owned both). That being said, I haven't personally tried the HE500, but I know I wouldn't want less bass than the HE400, which is what I've gathered on the HE500.

Also, the HE400 (with velours) tend to have the right peaks in the treble, as I myself don't like smooth treble, and find the HE400 sparkly enough.
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Have not yet heard the HE-400, but would like to audition them at some point.  : )


You mention the HE-4.  What were your impressions of them versus the HE-400?  Headroom, I notice, does not market them, and they are scantily advertised elsewhere.   



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It's been awhile since I've heard the HE-4, but the HE-4 has recessed mids, and more treble sparkle (it's harsh compared to the HE400). The bass AFAIK is very similar, though the decay on the HE-4 is slower, given the bass more presence... from memory.. The HE400 is a MONSTER of a headphone, and I believe it begs an audition from HE-4 users. However, I mean the HE400 with velours. The stock pleather pads don't do it justice.

That being said, I myself prefer a v-shaped curve, which is why the HE-4 will please me more than a $2000 headphone with a neutral curve. I'm not looking for technical perfection, but what gets me moving with my preferred genres of music. This is why the Pro 900 pleases me more than the HE400 for EDM, yet the HE400 is good enough for everything that I'm considering returning my Pro 900s and pocket that cash for something else later on. There is no comparison. The HE400 walks all over the Pro 900 in every conceivable way except bass quantity.

I've heard that the HE-4 is very similar to the HE5-LE, just with one sided magnets, so I'd like to hear the HE5-LE at some point.

All that said, I really need to compare the HE-4 with the HE400. The mids on the HE400 are absolutely beautiful, and making me appreciate mids more than before, though I might prefer the HE-4 just for the longer bass decay. Overall though, the HE400 has the lovely combination of fun, technicality, and lower power necessity, making them a better headphone than the HE-4 in pretty much all regards.
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Originally Posted by pataburd View Post

     Well said, Chris.

     Before moving to the HE-6, I want to try a cable upgrade for the 5LE.  Might get the HE-6 4-pin XLR OCC cable for starters.  (Might even give one of yours a go!)  The one that came with the 5LE is, if anything, probably detracting from their capability.  

     Besides cable changes, tube changes with the Bada PH-12 were another way to "tailor" the HE-500's response.  For me (and again, for my listening preferences which have always veered toward what many consider the "bright" side) the HE-500 sounded best with tubes (like the Sylvania VT-231) and cables (like the Soundsilver Trilogy) that drew out and better resolved the treble end of things.

     What is really nice about either the HE-500 or the HE-5LE is that they both are very, very responsive to system changes of practically any kind.  Moving between different sources, amps, tubes, cables and even tweaks is a testament to the HifiMAN's ability to extract, deliver and fastidiously account for everything coming to them from uptream.  


I would welcome any idea you have regarding a cable for you. You always know where to find me.


The feature of the orthos is that they're so transparent to whatever they're plugged into that they are a great tool for benchmarking various equipment. They sound good regardless of what you plug them into due to their nature, but if you have good ears and are knowledgeable and interpreting audio properly, these can be a great tool for reviewing source/amp/transport very well.

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MLE and Chris,

Thank you very much!


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Just ordered the HE-6 OCC 4-pin XLR cable.  Can't wait to hear what the 5LE will then have to offer!

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Got a Cryo OCC Stranded Silver/Copper Cable for the HE500's coming soon from toxic, I'll post some impressions.


3 weeks of listening and burning in the HE500's now and they are really opening up. Of all of the phones I've owned these have benefited the most from burn in. Such a change!


I can totally understand anyone wanting pure neutrality in their audio.. but for me, having a little bit of a cushion; where you can throw anything at them including old recordings etc can be welcome in a hp. After all, its about the music not necessarily the best recordings. Suppose thats why I loved the 650 for so long. The HE500's have incredible resolution and detail with what I would class as the perfect soundstage, not too wide not too narrow- totally believable. Bass is tightening up all the way too. I'd say that these are the perfect upgrade for the 650 clan.


Also from what I've read and my own experience; me thinks some peeps are driving these a little too hard trying to get more bass when they should probably be looking at a bassier hp.  

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     Am really looking forward to your impressions of the Toxic Cables with your HE-500.  Had been considering Toxic for a while, but was looking for solid core wire.  T.C.'s "gold-injected" silver approach looks fascinating, as well.     

     Just ordered another(!) cable: this one from Headphonelounge: solid core UP-OCC silver leads with gold-plated UP-OCC copper grounds.  Also picked up a pair of the HFI-780, and will finally get to audition them.  This latest Head-Fi binge needs to be curbed.

     Last night, I pulled a close-to-an all-nighter with the 5LE.  Very modest set-up: mass market SONY DVD player, Ric Schultz/EVS PC-OCC copper interconnects and the baby blue KMF Audio headphone amp.  Brian Auger's Search Party, (renamed "Planet Earth Calling") on the Dunhill Compact Classics/Garland re-release.  I was nearly dumbstruck at all the information the 5LE was providing from this neglected recording, and was simply lost/engrossed in the soundstage: incredibly plumb and 3-dimensional!  The dynamic balance and scaling between instruments was really something special here, too, with Brian Auger, and then with Erich Kunzel and the Boston Pops' Time Warp on TelArc.  Boy--am I enjoying these headphones!

     . . . AND the KMF headphone amp continues to surprise and near-astound me with the way it compliments the 5LE and helps deliver the sonic goods.  

: )

     Rounding out the evening with a reprise of Brian Auger's Search Party, but this time with the "upstairs rig": RAM-modded Samsung HD-841, Soundsilver Trilogy interconnects and listening straight from the speaker taps of the Linn Intek integrated.  Brian Auger's acoustic piano solo on "Sea of Tranquility" so clean, clear and tonally right.  



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Gratuitous bump.  Still enjoying the 5LE with the KMF amp--and waiting for the HE-6 to arrive.  : )

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How are you going to amp the HE-6s?

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I have a Qinpu A-1.0X integrated now, but am in search of a pair of Kora Titan monoblocks to do the job properly.

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Originally Posted by pataburd View Post

 Kora Titan monoblocks 


Do you have a link for these?

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They're not made anymore, right?

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