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ATH-M50 VS Ultrasone HIFI 580

Poll Results: ATH-M50 or Ultrasone HIFI 580

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    Ultrasone HIFI 580
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Hey head fi I havegoten myy choices of cans down to these two headphones. I come to you to help me decide I listen to pretty much everything I like some extra bass but not so much to where it takes away from the overall sound quality. I if you could give me some pros and cons of both headphones that would be great (or point me to a link) . Thank you for your help I really need it!
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I was able to do a direct comparison of the two a while back and I walked away with the M50.  They sounded fuller and a tad more neutral.  Plus I like the design better.  The M50 is built extremely well.

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Well, I haven't posted much but I could chime in and give you some insight. I own both the M50's and 580's, and I would throw in with the 580's without a second thought . The M50's are great headphones; I recently gave my pair to a family member to set them off in the land of greater sound. The 580's however, carry the more controlled yet impactful bass and still come through amazingly well in the mid and high range. The M50's begin to dissapoint me when listening to a variety of music. Sometimes the bass is overly apparent and the mids fall back, and I feel as though the high end lacks in comparison to the 580's with orchestrated music. The staging on the 580's is much better and you can sense instrument placement a lot more. I think if you're using even a basic source material, the 580's will thrive.


Then again, like some say you may not enjoy the ultrasone experience. I personally do, and so do many of my friends who have tried mine. I also have replaced my ear cushions on the 580's to the beyerdynamic dt250's velour pads. I find them excellent, too.


The M50's get great hype here, and rightfully so, but i feel more emersed in music when listening to the 580's.



Good luck to you, man!

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BUT the 580 clamp like a vice.The M50 not so

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What about the Hi-Fi 680 and 780? And the Pro 550?

All 4 including the 580 are in the affordable $120-170 range
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I have the M50s and HFI-780s, and I honestly prefer the M50s. With most musical Genres the treble on the ultrasones is a bit harsh for my taste....
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